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Face Recognition Matlab Project is running as per the student’s own wish. MatlabSimulation.Com is the best method to deal with your project. We do the best, and we don’t take it so complicated to implement it. Face recognition Matlab project is a largely searched term in the search engine. It becomes a popular area in the field of computer vision. In almost all the fields, it is an interesting area. In addition, face recognition is a popular topic in some of the countries. These countries include India, China, United States, Brazil, Russia, and the UK.

How Face Recognition Systems Work?

  • Face Detection (locate human face in video / image)
  • Image Quality Assessment
    • Noise Degree and Intensity Range
    • Normalization and Image Enhancement
  • Face Capturing (a face into set of facial features or landmarks)
    • Eyes spacing and Nose bridge
    • Lip contour along with Ears and Chin
  • Face Verification (match between two faces)
    • Clustering and Classification
    • Similarity Detection

   Our aim is to do the best project in the world, not to be the largest. Since quality project brings a good result, and it does not require the quantity. We built it for our students, and our group of team members judges your project at each stage. Besides, we hire an expert who wants to prove themselves to the world. On this page, you will discover some latest trends in face recognition using matlab.

Face Recognition Matlab Project Making As A Service

  • Supported for Cloud and Mobile Environments
  • Deep Learning for Face Recognition by iOS and Android
  • Face Recognition By Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Neural Networks, SVM, KNN, and Decision Tree

Face Recognition Matlab Project Trends

  • 3D Face Recognition on iPhone and Android
  • Face Recognition Across Age Progression
  • Identification & Verification by Image and Video
  • Security Camera and Attendance System
  • Biometric Authentication (Security) with VR and ML
  • Facial Emotion Recognition
    • Joy, Anger, Surprise, Fear, Disgust and Sadness
Face recognition projects using matlab

   We are working in this field for the past 15 years with 150+ Matlab experts. We hope that face recognition Matlab projects give you an insight into how to take a project. Evidently, we prove our expertise through the information we share in this section.

Face Recognition Database Sample

Sample Classes

  • Surveillance Cameras face database
  • Face in Action video database
  • Mobile biometry face and speech database
  • 3D Occluded Faces and Age Invariant Databases
  • Infrared and Natural visible facial Expression database

Sample Database

  • Yale face and database B
  • Multi-PIE and PIE database
  • ORL and NLPR face database
  • MIT CBCL face recognition database
  • M2VTS Multimodal and extended M2VTS database
  • AR face and Valid database
  • Cas-Peal face database
  • UCD Color face Image database
  • VidTIMIT, LFWcrop and 3D_RMA database
  • FRAV2D database and FRAV3D database
  • Plastic surgery face database
  • PUT face database and Face Scrub
  • UMB and MORHP Database
  • VMU dataset
  • 3D Mask attack and SiblingsDB database

Face Detection And Recognition Algorithms

  • DeepFace, 2D, and Kernel PCA
  • FaceNet and CapsNet
  • GAN, CNN and PCA + SVM
  • Local Binary Patterns Histograms
  • Bag of Visual Words

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