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Matlab LTE Toolbox Projects intend to clear up all hurdles in your work. Long Term Evolution (LTE) that is the 4th generation (4G) system is the current peak of all broadband technologies. At this point, LTE realizes our long vision of the highest data rate over voice and also multimedia. Right now, it attains peak download rate (299.4Mbps) and low latency (5ms) so that it grabs great attention from the research hotspot.

Why Matlab LTE Toolbox?  

   For sure, modeling and analyzing LTE is a good initiative for all wireless projects. As it is a new standard, only a few tools support LTE. Among them, Matlab is the top tool that introduces the LTE Toolbox. Of course, Matlab has a separate toolbox to do LTE projects. That’s why we need Matlab LTE toolbox Projects at all times.

Cutting-edge Features From LTE Toolbox

  • NB-IoT Uplink Channel Modeling
  • Demodulation Reference Signal Generation
  • Support for 1024-QAM E-TM
  • Synchronization through Timing Offset Estimation

   LTE toolbox has these features as add-up to the prior features. Overall, it aids in mounting all-inclusive Matlab LTE Toolbox Projects. In essence, it allows Waveform Generation, Signal Recovery, Link-level Simulation, and so on. By means all, the LTE toolbox becomes a persistent element to build-up LTE or 4G projects.

Sustained Technologies by LTE Toolbox

  • UMTS Reference Measurement Channel (RMC)
  • LTE and also LTE-Machine (LTE-M)
  • Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)
  • Device to Device (D2D)
  • Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X)
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
Implement LTE Toolbox in Matlab projects

   As the LTE toolbox wires variety of techs, it has individual functions for all diverse processes. If you want to start your project, then you have to learn these functions. Herein, we revealed some major functions for you.

Essential LTE Functions: Resource Modelling and Scheduling

To Model Subframe Resource Array
  • lteResourceGrid ()
  • lteResourceGridSize ()
To Model Downlink Subframe Resource Array
  • lteDLResourceGrid ()
  • lteDLResourceGridSize()
To Model Uplink Subframe Resource Array
  • lteULResourceGrid ()
  • lteULResourceGridSize ()
To Model Sidelink Subframe Resource Array
  • lteSLResourceGrid ()
  • lteSLResourceGridSize ()
To Extract Resources
  • lteExtractResources ()

   Similarly, there are tons of functions in Matlab to learn. It is not a one-night wonder to learn them all. In contrast, it comes as the product of regular practice. To precise, we update our brains with these functions thru day-by-day learning. But it would be best if you did not do so since we are ready to transfer our brain in your projects.

Imminent Concepts Reinforced by LTE Toolbox

  • Priority based random access under MU-MIMO scenario
  • Cognitive Radio based eNodeB Model in LTE
  • Coexistence between LTE-A and also LTE-M
  • QoS in OFDMA-LTE through Uplink Synchronization
  • Optical Access Network by LTE and 5G

   It is obvious that the future LTE system mainly relies on other techs such as MIMO, 5G, and so on. To model these ideas, we will need some other toolboxes too. In addition to the LTE Toolbox, Matlab has a range of tools to finish the LTE projects.

Additional Toolboxes

  • 5G and RF Toolbox
  • Antenna Toolbox and RF Bolockset
  • Communications Toolbox
  • Embedded Coder
  • Wireless HDL Toolbox

   To sum up, we have lavish skills in all toolboxes. That is to say; you can submit any of your demands to us. Soon, we will fulfill them with our help. Don’t wait for a time; find us online or offline.

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