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Stepper Motor MATLAB Projects moves with the trend by us to make you touch your dream. A stepper motor is a brushless motor that operates in distinct steps for a full rotation. The stepping modes of the stepper motor are such as wave step, full step, half step, and micro-stepping.

In fact, the windings in this motor are on the basis of bipolar or unipolar. The rotation of this motor is by the conversion of a digital pulse into a mechanical shaft. The stepper motor is slow at speed since it doesn’t rotate at all times. If you are interested to design stepper motor matlab projects and require help, reach us at any time. Due to this, it is apt for operating applications that match the need of speed and torque.

Three Types of Stepper Motors

  • Permanent magnet
  • Variable reluctance
  • Hybrid synchronous

   Especially the motor enables with closed-loop feedback while it is on the open-loop control. By all means, it tends to low down the device cost as well as circuit density. Without a doubt, the stepper motor control is also by FPGA, microcontroller, and sensor. Now let us view the applications of this stepper motor.

Modelling stepper motor projects using matlab

World-Wide Real Applications Supported By Stepper Motor

  • Robot design
  • Drilling and Welding machines
  • 3D printing
  • Slot machines and also industrial machines
  • Digital camera lenses  
  • Medical equipment
  • And also many more    

   Our Stepper Motor MATLAB Projects make use of MATLAB since it has a special library and block to support the family of the stepper motor. Here the use of Simscape in MATLAB is in detail.

Know More About Simscape Blocks In MATLAB

Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor
  • BLDC
  • Single-phase and also five-phase motor
  • Linear Synchronisation  
Variable Reluctance Stepper Motor
  • Stepper motor drive
  • Switched Reluctance Machine (3-phase or multi-phase)
  • Unipolar stepper motor or driver
Synchronous Stepper Motor
  • Field circuit
  • Machine model 1.0 and 2.1
  • Round rotor and Salient Pole

   In brief, the motor design by MOSFET, PWM, DC supply, and more is the ease in MATLAB. Besides, it aids with other processes in the stepper motor as below.

Study Areas In Stepper Motor Matlab Projects

  • Automatic bending machine
  • Improve resolution in biosensing
  • Solar panel position tracking
  • Adaptive current control
  • Robust motion control
  • Pattern recognition system
  • Reliability assessment
  • And also many more

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