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Face Recognition Challenges

  • Image Acquisition and also Conditions
    • Illuminance variations
    • Pose or view point changing
    • Aging and also wrinkles
    • Facial style or expression detection
    • Occlusion
    • Face hallucination (low and also high resolution)
  • Inter Class Similarity and Variability
  • Benchmark Datasets (2D and also 3D)
  • Improper Face Identification and also Verification
  • Lack of Algorithms (Deep Learning and also Machine Learning)

Face Recognition Trends

  • Face Detection and Recognition
    • Determine all faces in image
    • Facial feature detection (lips, eyes…)
    • Face localization (single face detection)
    • Face authentication (Bio-Matching)
    • Age and Gender Recognition
  • Face Recognition Technology
    • 2D Face Recognition
    • 3D Face Recognition
    • Facial Analytics
  • Facial Components
    • Software Tool
    • Hardware
      • Scanners
      • Cameras
      • Handheld Devices
      • Integrated Devices
  • And also many more
Pdf Manual copy of thesis on face recognition

Available Face Recognition Databases


  • 3D RMA
  • GavaDB
  • Bosphorus
  • Texas 3DFRD
  • UMB-DB
  • 3DMAD
  • McGill Faces
  • And also more


  • ORL
  • AR
  • SCface Yale B
  • Extended Yale B
  • FRGC
  • FEI
  • BioID
  • MIW
  • CVL
  • LFW-a NIST
  • KinFaceW
  • And also many more

Face Recognition Applications

  • Access Control
  • Security and also Privacy
  • Surveillance
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Homeland Security
  • Web Application
  • Intelligent Signage
  • Business Intelligence
  • Photo sorting and also Indexing
  • Other Applications
    • VIP Recognition
    • PC and also Banking Login
    • Automotive and also Phone
  • And also many more

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