Matlab Simulation Projects for EEE students is the best way to accomplish their final year project as Matlab simulation provides effective and efficient result. We are working on Matlab simulation projects for the past 7 years and have provided nearly 1000+ projects. We work for students from all over the world, to fulfill their requirement and needs. We never sell projects, we share our project with our student i.e. knowledge is something, which is needed to be shared in a right way. Our unique approach and all round support has made us to stand as world’s no.1 institute with more than 50+ branches worldwide. If you feel to be a part of our renowned service, commit with us today.


     Matlab Simulation Projects for EEE is the best way to enhance your project result, as Matlab Simulation projects provides a realistic and effective output. Simulation in Matlab is done using Simulink, which is integrated with Matlab to enhance its simulation capabilities. We have an expert team working on Matlab Simulink to provide best simulation projects for EEE students. Before knowing about Simulation projects in Matlab, let’s have a glance to know something about Matlab Simulink.


  • Provides a block diagram environment for model based design and multi domain simulation
  • Latest stable version[Simulink 8.6]
  • Platform support [Linux, MAC OS X, windows]
  • Provides graphical editor, solvers for modeling and stimulating dynamic systems and customizable block libraries.
  • It incorporates MATLAB algorithms into models and exports simulation result to MATLAB.
  • Used in automatic control and digital signal processing
  • Work as a tool for embedded system design work

     Let’s have a glance over few recent simulation projects in Matlab for students to get an idea for their project.

  • An efficient Fuzzy Model Based Bilateral Control Design of Nonlinear Tele-operation System Using Method of State Convergence
  • The performance of photovoltaic system applications based on Design, hardware implementation and performance analysis of conventional SEPIC converter
  • The process of Matlab-simulated and conventional Si-based solar panel
  • An efficient method for Local Fatigue Monitoring based on a  Muscle Fiber Conduction Velocity Tracking ASIC
  • A novel technology for Modeling of Distributed Effects in Modern MOS Transistors for Millimeter Wave Applications
  • An efficient approach for a simulation study of multi-disciplinary position control methods of robot arm D.C motor
  • An efficient process Analysis and synthesis of handwriting movements via the enhanced beta-elliptic model
  • A novel technology for Modeling three-phase grid-connected inverter system using complex vector in synchronous dq reference frame and analysis on the influence of tuning parameters of synchronous frame PI controller
  • A new mechanism for the Comparison of electrical losses in an inverter-fed five-phase and three-phase permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor