Matlab Projects for EEE, our innovative solution for guiding students in a unique way to make them reach the pinnacle of success. Our Matlab Projects for EEE offers you wide collection of pioneer ideas to make your project innovative and interesting. We have 100+ top experts and dedicated professional with us, working for the benefits of young and creative minds. We have developed nearly 1000+ electrical projects for students from all over the world. Be one among our satisfied student, by just clicking one mail to us. We have taken a major domain in the field of electronics i.e. power electronics to make you understand, how Matlab supports EEE projects.

Support for Power electronics in Matlab:

    To develop power electronic based projects in Matlab, Simscape is used as a fundamental support. Simscape power system provides analysis tools and component libraries for simulating and modeling electrical systems. It includes model of electrical components like:

  • Three phase machines
  • Electric drives
  • Components for flexible AC transmission systems
  • Support Renewable energy system
  • Connection components[Grounds, phase splitters, neural ports,multiplexer]
  • Asynchronous and synchronous machine and motors
  • Transformer and RLC branches and loads
  • Converters, rectifiers and diodes
  • Line and phase voltage sensor
  • Single phase switches and circuit breakers
  • Support for simulation and analysis.


      It provides support for harmonic analysis, load flow and calculation of total harmonic distortion, which is used to investigate the performance of electrical system. Like this you can take any domain and can analyze the in built support provided by Matlab. Matlab is a wonderful platform for developing Electrical projects due to its advanced mathematical function and Simulink support. To get more idea about Matlab based EEE projects, have a glance over the below mentioned topics.

  • An efficient Hybrid dynamic modeling of V-shaped thermal micro-actuators
  • The usage of parallel processing and partitioned solution used to perform Modeling and simulation of synchronous machine connected to an infinite bus
  • A new technique for a discussion of an improved method based on a modified DFT for spectrum estimation under Asynchronous Sampling Condition
  • A novel technology for Frequency Sensitivity Analysis of Load Damping Co-efficient in Wind Farm Integrated Power System
  • The process of Experimentally Validated Models used to MATLAB/Simulink Pulse-Echo Ultrasound System Simulator
  • An efficient approach for Partial Shading Detection and Smooth Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV Arrays Under PSC
  • The performance of Physics-based FE model and analytical verification of bi-directional inductive wireless power transfer system
  • The process of traditional and Z-source converter under variable fuel-flow-rate of PEMFC
  • A novel technology for Design considerations for pipelined ADCs
  • The process of a three-level NPC-inverter at low switching frequency based on Space-vector pulse-width modulation




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