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Scilab Image Processing [SIP] is a tool for Image processing in Matlab written in C and Scilab. It is a complete and useful image toolbox that includes major tasks like edge detection, filtering, blurring, thresholding, histogram manipulation, segmentation, mathematical morphology, and color image processing. It contains several functions that have a flexible interface and error treatment. To know more about Scilab image processing, let’s know about its basics.

Major Features Of SIP

  • Provides unified binding for image processing libraries like ImageMagick, OpenCV, and also animal etc.
  • Used with GNU/Linux as its priority. Can work with Windows using SIVP and also IPD.
  • Provides rapid prototyping for imaging solution
  • Supports video processing beyond SIP.
  • Supports various data types and also data type conversions.
  • Provide specialized support for huge images.
  • Can work with Euclidean morphology related algorithms like dilation’s, distance transforms, watershed segmentation and also erosion.
  • Supports image type conversions like RGB to HSV, HSV to RGB, Indica to RGB
  • And so on

Another Important Toolbox Of Scilab Using Image Processing Is

SIVP (Scilab Image And Video Processing Toolbox)

  • Provides image processing and also video processing task
  • Supports 2D matrix and also images
  • Work with equal ease as with Matlab.
  • It needs the support of Scilab and also OpenCV
  • And so on


In Ubuntu Linux
  • SIVP through atoms(5.3 beta on-wards)
  • SIP through CVS
In Windows
  • SIVP through atoms(5.3 beta on-wards)
Image Processing Scilab Projects with source code

Basic Functions Of SIVP

  • Output=imwrite(input image, output image name)
  • Output image=imread(‘read image’)
  • Imshow(Output image)

Other Important Functions Are

  • Imdivide
  • im
  • imadd
  • imsubtract
  • imdivide
  • imabsdiff
  • mean2
  • std 2
  • imhist

Using Sci-lab In Image Processing, We Can Work On

  • Noise reduction
  • Image compression
  • High pass filtering and thresholding-edge detection
  • All types of filters
  • Advanced topics like FFT, Wavelet, Radon transform and Hough transform.

Major Applications Of Sci-Lab Using Image Processing Include

  • Quality control
  • In biotechnology for counting cells
  • In industries for the detection of surface defects
  • Detection of anatomical landmarks in the field of surgery
  • In the remote sensing, it is used for the classification of regions.

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