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Industrial-IoT Projects carry an unlimited novelty for students. The term Industrial-IoT (IIoT), Industry 4.0, and Smart Industry define the same (i.e.) automation of industries. The fusion of recent hi-techs such as Cloud, Fog, Smart Sensors, and more are the driving factors of IIoT. For that reason, IIoT is the trending concept among PhD/MS aspirants. Get more details to implement industrial iot projects with guidance from expert panel.

Latest Trends For Industrial-IoT Projects

Cloud based IIoT
  • MapReduce for Data Analysis
  • Distributed Decision Making
  • Multi-keyword Search over Multi-Cloud
Fog based IIoT
  • Optimal Offload in Edge
  • Data Synchronization and also Analysis
  • Fog Topology for Scalability
Smart Sensors based IIoT
  • Network Coding for Security
  • Compressive Sensing and Transmission
  • Monitoring Usecases like Air, Pollution and also more

   Along with these topics, IEEE introduces the 6TiSCH standard to cope with the IIoT. It intends to link the IEEE 802.11e with the 6LoWPAN standard. It extends its scope up to IIoT security, routing, and more to be exposed. As well, this standard is going to rule the future of IIoT; we also enlarge our insights.

Iot projects for industrial automation

Gain Some Knowledge On 6TiSCH For IIOT

6TiSCH Scheduling
  • Scheduling by packet aggregation
  • Operable sub-layer design and also control
  • Load balancing in QoS aware IIoT
  • Isolated SDN control over sliced IIoT
  • Reservation of on-the-fly bandwidth
  • Hybrid multi-hop scheduling
6TiSCH Security
  • Modified Blockchain structure like DAG
  • Hybrid IDS for rank attack detection
  • Distributed user authentication scheme
  • Biosecurity (Finger Vein, Iris and so on)
  • Automatic detection of synchronous attack
  • Lightweight cryptography (XTEA, TEA and also many more)

   Once you get the core point of IIoT, it will be easy to proceed. However, this the crucial wall to climb. We sure that it may hard, but we make it as easy by our intellectual work. Apart from theoretical wisdom, practical insights is also mandated. Of course, there are myriad tools available to practice IIoT thoughts.

Significant Tools For Industrial IoT

  • Matlab and Simulink
  • IoTIFY
  • CupCarbon
  • IoTSim
  • IBM Bluemix
  • NodeRED
  • Also NS-2, NS-3, and so on

   Besides, our techies are familiar with other tools for IIoT. In any tool, we aim to attain perfect results for industrial iot projects. At the same time, we focus on your needs too. Thus, we first confirm a project plan with you. Upon the confirmed plan, we complete the project on-time. As a result, the project fulfils all your needs with apt outcomes.

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