Matlab Projects for Computer Science students and research scholar has started as a service by our concern to the budding student society. We have accomplished nearly 5000+ projects for computer science students in Matlab which has made us an expert in this field. Generally, computer science students opt for Image processing based projects in Matlab. It is one of the flourishing domain which has numerous applications in the field of Medicine and real time systems. We have 100+ top developers working with us on various concepts of Matlab. Our developers can work on any advanced concept with latest tool within the time duration suggested by the students. Students can also bring their own concepts; we are ready to guide them.


   Matlab Projects for Computer Science students provide you the best guidance in your academic projects. Matlab has numerous scopes to perform research due to its high functionality and vast toolbox support. We have provided many workshops and FTP on Matlab due to its emerging need. We can suggest you best project which can give you a ground breaking career. Let’s see few major concepts based on which Computer science students can choose their Matlab projects.

  • Video Surveillance system- Foreground Subtraction, Video Motion tracking, Activity Monitoring.
  • Medical Imaging – CT lung segmentation, Retinal Blood vessel segmentation, Brain MRI analysis, Kidney stone detection, Heart ventricle segmentation, MRI bone segmentation
  • Digital Imaging- Watermarking, Object detection and tracking, Compression, Biometric recognition, Optical character recognition.
  • Remote Sensing – Cloud Removal, Geospatial object classification, Shadow detection, Land cover changes detection.

    Students can take a real time project or simulation project in Matlab; we are ready to help for both the kinds of project. We provide best result for any project which students commit with us. To provide best result the major factor is the algorithm used:

  • Gradient Magnitude Algorithm
  • Thresholding algorithm
  • Filtering algorithm
  • Canny edge detection algorithm
  • K-mean clustering algorithm
  • Genetic algorithm
  • Histogram equalization
  • Neural network algorithms
  • Fuzzy C-Mean clustering
  • Alarm Pixel generation
  • Bayesian classification
  • Decision tree algorithm
  • Discrete wavelet decomposition
  • Expectation Maximization
  • Region growing and segmentation


    Another major aspect is the dataset used. We use images like CT(Computed tomography), Magnetic resonance Imaging, Synthetic aperture radar, X-ray, Advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer, Positron emission tomography , IR Imaging, Ultrasonic Imaging, Microscopic Imaging etc. Based on these two factors, all major projects in Matlab are performed. You can contact us anytime for any kind of queries and doubts regarding your project.