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Projects on Matlab are the best way to enhance your academic grades as Matlab provides a wonderful platform to explore the field of research. Our service is started as a collective effort of top experts from the world with the only motto of serving the budding students. We have nearly 50+ branches all over the world and have served nearly 500+ projects on matlab for students up to now. Due to our standard and quality, we stand as the world’s no.1 organization and will remain as no.1 forever. Students who feel to perform groundbreaking research can approach us anytime (24/7) as our service starts from you and ends with you. Your satisfaction measures our success; let’s join together to make your career a remarkable success.

Projects on Matlab For Engineering Students

   Our Projects on Matlab can be taken in various domains and areas as per your field of interest. There are numerous domains supported by Matlab, but it is always better to take a project in your interested domain. For this reason, we start our service by providing a brief intro on the domains available in Matlab, so that students can analyze their interest and start their research with their passionate domain. Artificial Intelligence is one of the major domains, which has great significance in the field of research. Here, we have taken one sample domain (Artificial Intelligence) and explained all the major aspects, concepts, and projects that can be implemented in Matlab. This will give you an insight into how to take a domain and select a topic in that domain for your project.

Top 25 Projects on Matlab

Artificial Intelligence

   Artificial Intelligence is one of the recent domains, which greatly impact the field of research due to its powerful applications like Pattern recognition, text mining and search, predictive modeling, heuristics, genetic programming, and data analytics ontology and inference.

Major Research Areas Of AI Using Matlab Are

  • Experts system
  • Natural language processing
  • Neural networks
  • Deep forward and recurrent neural networks
  • Fuzzy logics and also statistical learning methods
  • Robotics
  • And so on

   Matlab provides advanced mathematical methods for optimization, classification, and regression in AI. In addition to it, it provides support for numerous toolboxes like

  • Computer vision toolbox
  • Neural network toolbox
  • Statistics toolbox
  • Fuzzy logic toolbox
  • Phased array toolbox
  • And so on

Applications Of AI

  • Flight tracking systems and also clinical systems
  • Speech recognition system
  • Automatic voice output
  • Pattern recognition system (Face recognition, and also character recognition etc)
  • Industrial robots
  • Fuzzy logic systems like consumer electronics
  • And so on

Recent Research Topics In AI Using Matlab

  • An efficient process of  Analysis and  Characterization based on Convex-Optimization-Based Compartmental Pharmacokinetic Analysis for Prostate Tumor Characterization also by Using DCE-MRI
  • An efficient mechanism for Supervised Learning by also using Sparsely Annotated MR Images
  • A new process Non-Parametric Bayesian Registration (NParBR) of Body Tumors also on DCE-MRI Data
  • A new classification method in Deep feature learning also for pulmonary nodule classification in a lung CT
  • A novel technology for the Method of 2/3 Sampled Sub-Pixel Rendering also for AMOLED Display
  • An efficient mechanism for Spin Coating of 3D Printed Cardiovascular Anatomical Models, Controlling Material Properties also on Complex Shapes
  • Efficient process on Biomechanical Properties of Osteophytes and also  Non-Osteophytic Cortical Bone
  • An efficient approach also for Design of Smart Portable Rehabilitation Exoskeletal Device for Upper Limb
  • A new estimation process also based on Probability Distribution Estimation for Autoregressive Pixel-Predictive Image Coding
  • A new segmentation method Region-Growing Segmentation used to Dynamic 3-D MR Visualization and also Detection of Upper Airway Obstruction During Sleep

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