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Privacy Policy

  • You are advised to read our privacy policy carefully. By accessing the services provided by matlabsimulation.com you have to agree with the privacy policy in www.matlabsimulation.com.
  • Usually, our intent is to collect the personal information that is provided voluntarily provided by our users. We are not force for users to submit your personal information to our website.
  • Our privacy policy is explained about how user’s personal information is stored and what the information that will be updated in our server.
  • Your personal information is only for information purpose not for any other purposes and we will not provide your personal details to other organizations or any other web sites.
  • We can offer services for all the users but the users are requested agree with our privacy policy before they use our services.

We Collect User’s Information Mainly For

  • -To deliver and confirm your services
  • -To verify your identity
  • -To check your transaction details
  • -To interact with us[Clarifying your doubts with our top experts]
  • -To provide best services
  • -To make interaction with the current and future offering service

   In our server we have maintained your personal details like your name, your mail address, your address and phone number. This is just for providing services to you through mail and clarify your doubts with online or phone calls only.

  • Our prime motto is to serve our customers with 100% confidential and our entire approach is systematic and trust worthy.
  • Whenever a user visits our web sites we use cookies for monitoring user’s activities and analyze web pages count referred by the users.
  • User’s information fully secured and protected by others that is not shared to other third parties since your information is maintained in centralized server.
  • Our company services and users personal information is more and more secure. It does not leak by any others.

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