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An approved research proposal with a new idea is informed to the wider researcher and reader communities utilizing journal publication. The paper publication is not all easy as you think because it is undergoing several investigation processes. These processes are incredible and unimaginable. “Through this article, you’ll be greatly profited by knowing some innovative insights about PhD thesis journal publication”

In general cases, lots and lots of research papers are getting publications just only because of their individuality and unique features. Otherwise, a big question mark will arise therein.  Without a paper publication, we are not supposed to transcribe the dissertation/thesis. As these 2 monographs are very essential in getting doctorate degrees, every PhD scholar has too strong in his or her chosen areas. Are you ready to feed your mind? Come let us commence.

How many Journal Papers are Possible to Publish during a PhD?

According to several criteria, paper publishing possibilities can be manipulated. Such aspects are,

  • Journal databases’ prestige and reputation
  • Successful research accomplishments

These 2 aspects are playing a vital role in deciding the number of journals to be published.  Corresponding to the journal databases’ reputations, the acceptance rate will seem to be difficult. It fluctuates from journal to journal.  Every international journal has its term and conditions for accepting and publishing papers. Such reputed journals are,

  • ACM
  • IEEE
  • Springer
  • Inder Science
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Wiley
  • Taylor Francis
  • Science Direct

These journals will take the time up to one year for paper acceptance and publication in several cases. However, by knowing every journal’s requirements we can get fast publications.

If the proposed research yields the best results then you are capable of writing some more papers. When proficiency in cherry-picked fields fails, it doesn’t work.

In short, everyone has to highly focus on these 2 criteria as they are playing a dominant role in multiple paper letterings.  To be the point, the researcher’s capability and publication duration is determining the number of papers to be inscribed and published.

PhD Journal Publication Assistance 

PhD thesis journal publication assistance will help a scholar in the following cases,

  • Research dominion and theme selections
  • Standards assorting – Scopus, SCI, and ISI
  • Free and paid journal choice recommendations
  • International journal and publication choosing
  • IFs (Impact factors) analyzing
  • Paper format opting according to journals
  • Internal paper estimations
  • Plagiarism removals
  • Different writing styles opting
  • Paper reconsiderations and modifications
  • Thorough copy editing
  • Citing resources
  • Paper submissions and status tracking
  • Responses to reviewers

These are the various perks that a doctorate student can get from our side by availing PhD thesis journal publication. Apart from this, we will help you to handpick the high-quality journal utilizing considering the following criteria,

  • Mode of indexing
  • Approval rate
  • Scope of the journal
  • SCIMAGO journal rank

From these, SJR (SCIMAGO Journal Rank) is used to discover the most cited and referred journals as well as facilitating to find out the particular category wise journals. This rank also deals with the scholarly journals’ impact factors. A journal is reviewed in terms of H-index to denote the published journals’ quantity, references for every journal. To be more specific, these criteria are helping to determine the journals’ SJR.  As we are proficient in picking high-impact journals, fast paper publication becomes possible by our connoisseurs.

In recent days, journals are getting immersed day by day hence cherry-picking one among them will be a daunting one if in the case of a beginner. As every upcoming PhD student is unaware of this criterion, they are widely approaching our PhD thesis journal publication services. By availing of such services, students are geared up to the right directions since their studies are getting completed within the determined durations with best research proposal.

Alright, in the following passage let us see what does make differences between conference and journal paper publication.

Conference vs. Journal Paper Publication

The differences between conference proceedings and journal papers are demonstrated in this segment for your understanding.

1. Conference Proceedings

When compared to journal papers, conference papers are transcribed with the least number of pages because it is represented through double columns. The paper publication takes place rapidly and it is subject to trifling reviewing progressions. In addition to that, acceptance is relatively high.

2. Journal Papers

In fact, journal papers are highly esteemed. Journal papers are extensive and the peer review process takes immense duration for both paper acceptance and publication. Here, the acceptance rate is lesser than the conference proceedings.

From this passage, you would understand what differences exist in both publications. As many more students are having doubts in writing a research journal paper, we just wanted to clarify the same for your considerations also.

How to Write Research Journal Paper?

As journal paper is evaluated by world-class subject matter experts, it is subject to so many quality tests.  Hence, write a research paper with careful considerations. The papers submitted to the journals will undergo a process called peer review.  

When transcribing a research paper, try to include and highlight the following aspects,

  • A novel idea
  • The current state of the art
  • An interesting research gap
  • Newfangled techniques
  • Detailed explanations
  • Strong justifications
  • In-depth data analysis
  • Writing ethics
  • Well delineated research scope
  • 0% plagiarisms
  • Readability
  • High precision levels
  • Clarity in representations
  • Attention-grabbing vocabularies
  • Logical flows
  • New and original contribution
  • Details about references
  • Journal requirements

As these above-mentioned criteria are highly considered by reviewing the board of adjudicators, you are advised to focus on the same. If any assistance is required feel free to interact with our technical experts. Apart from these aspects, a paper has to be formulated according to the universal formats as delineated in the ensuing segment.                                                          

Affordable PhD thesis Journal Publication Service

Format of a Journal Paper

A typical research paper’s format is illustrated below for the ease of your understanding,

  1. Keyword or Title of the Research
  2. Abstract
  3. Research Background
  4. Materials and Methods
  5. Research Findings
  6. End Closures
  7. Tables and Figures

1. Keyword or Title of the Research

The title of the research must be precise, clear, and informative. It is advisable to position not more than 20 to 25 keywords in the title as well as try to avoid using unwanted vocabularies such as new, original, innovative, and newfangled.

2. Abstract

An abstract is the exploratory summary of the entire research investigation. This should inform the readers that what will be proved and how it is going to be achieved.

3. Research Background

This is nothing but all about comprehensive research background introduction. By doing so, even a reader who is not aware of the proposed study is getting proper basic details here. In addition to that other upcoming sections are shortly introduced. To be more specific, projected investigations’ objectives, purposes, intentions and other suppositions to be achieved are outspoken here.

4. Materials and Methods

In this section, a researcher is subject to tell the ways and means by which he or she is obtained the entire data for investigation. This section has all the details about used tools, software, techniques, approaches, algorithms, and other scientific equations.

Every researcher is liable to list down the step-by-step procedures involved in resolving the addressed research question because other researchers will try to imitate the same research. On the other hand, if in case of used methodology is new then we need to make coherent explanations. Highlight the type of analysis done (quantitative or qualitative).

5. Research Findings

By using the above-mentioned any of the ways and means predetermined and unexpected research suppositions can be derived. When lettering this section, preserve the logical or rational flows. Further, represent your findings in graphical representations.

6. End Closures

At last, every kind of research paper is getting ended with final closures. In some cases, a discussion section will be added here which is intended to justify the obtained results. An original and newfangled contribution made to the examined field is to be summed up here. Moreover, every discussed prior section needs to be again paraphrased here.

7. Tables and Figures

Added pictorial and figural representations are well explained in this section.

This is what, a standard format of a research paper. Once done with paper writing, we need to submit the same to the right journals. In this regard, we have also added some actualities for your understanding.

Journal Paper Submission and Review Procedure

Before submitting a journal paper to the targeted journal database, confirm your paper with the below-mentioned aspects,

  • Spellbound sections and subcategories
  • Prescribed stencils or formats
  • Universal language usage
  • Word and page limits
  • Well informed citation details
  • Simplified figures and tables

The aforementioned are the essential things that had to be kept in mind before making submissions. On the other hand, papers are reviewed by the name of peer review progression. Peer review is the process of evaluating a paper’s credibility. It is done by subject matter experts of the field before paper publication.

Paper submissions can also be done through mailing processes. If a paper is instructed to make some level of changes in any of the phases, first of all, the editors in chief will transfigure the reviews which are got from reviewers.

So far, we have learned the things related to research paper writing, publication, and how it is impacting thesis inscribing with clear explanations. If you still have any quarrels in the discussed areas then hit your comments and queries to our digital platforms or else visit your nearest branches.

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