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DSP Experts Help

  • Digital Modulation techniques
    • Delta modulation
    • Pulse code modulation
    • ASK, and FSK
  • Z transform and Fourier transform
    • DFT
    • DFS
    • DTFT
    • FFT
    • Linear convolution
  • Multistage and Multirate Filters
  • Filter Design and Analysis [FIR filters] 
  • GUI, Adaptive Filters, and Spectral analysis

DIP Experts Help

  • Image Registration Techniques 
  • Image Resizing and Deblurring
  • ROI based processing
  • Transforms and Morphological Operations
  • Modular Interactive Tools
  • 2D Linear Filters [Spatial domain]
Online Matlab Experts for Matlab and Simulink Projects

Communication System Experts Help 

Model Communication Simulation 
  • Communication Simulation 
    • Monte Carlo Simulation
    • Digital Matched Filter 
    • Wide Band Signal 
    • Discrete-Time Equivalent System 
  • Channel Modeling and RF Impairments 
  • Data and Signal Management Assignments 
  • Visual Analysis and System Design 
  • Waveforms Simulation and Modeling  
Control System Experts Help
  • Feedback systems
    • Step
    • Impulse
    • Ramp
    • Unity feedback 
  • Domain Analysis and Model Transformation 
  • Interconnection 
    • SISO Tool Design
    • LTI Viewer
    • FDA (Frequency Domain Analysis)
Vehicular Network Experts Help 
  • Small Scale Traffic Accident 
  • Stable Routing Algorithm 
  • Urban Smart City Planning 
  • Clustering-based Algorithms 
  • Routing and Clustering Protocol 
  • Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments

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