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Matlab professionals are the pool of experts for doing Matlab projects in all areas. We implement these projects from the concept of IEEE. Our Matlab expert’s team has many ideas to explore more. As per the recent version from IEEE, we deal with the student’s projects.

Our specialists provide Matlab dissertation topics with excellent service for everyone research projects and thesis work. For example, 5G is a vital research topic where we find 500 example projects. At this time, our experts are smartly working and bring up to date ideas in Matlab. 

Following our Matlab Experts Ideas,

   Our Matlab phd guidance provides a wonderful academic research service that is offered by experts for the scholar’s journey. We offer a vast hole in the field of research support to make scholars more intelligent on their subjects matter.

Image Processing Project Ideas 

  • Color-based Image Retrieval
  • Image Fusion using Machine Learning 
  • Iris Segmentation and Retrieval 
  • Embedded Zero Wavelet Image Compression
  • Run Length Encoding based Image Compression 
  • License Plate Recognition by Deep Learning 
  • Background Subtraction by Fuzzy 
  • Morphological and Linear Image Filtering 
  • Hybrid Wavelet and Curvelet based Image Fusion 
  • Gabor Features and CNN based Face Recognition 

DSP Project Ideas 

  • Voice to Music Conversion 
  • Data Hiding by Steganography (Steglbiza)
  • VLSI Communication
  • Biostatistics Biometric Applications 
  • RoBA Multiplier (Rounding-based)

Medical Image Processing Project Ideas 

  • ECG Signal Steganography 
  • Ultrasound Breast Cancer Detection
  • Blood Vessel Segmentation 
  • XRAY Tuberculosis Detection 
  • Skin Disease (Cancer) Detection 
  • Brain Pressure Analysis 
  • Microcalcification Detection 
  • Medical Compressed Images Reversible Data Hiding 
  • Lung Nodule and Cancer Detection (CT, and PET)
  • Wireless Capsule Localization and Detection 
Qualified Certified Experts for Matlab Projects

Video Processing Project Ideas 

  • Motion Tracking in Real-Time Video
  • Real-Time Face Tracking and Detection
  • Live Forest Fire Detection 
  • Industry Fire Detection 
  • Vehicle Counting ad Tracking 
  • Video Watermarking and Segmentation 

Power Electronics Project Ideas 

  • Cascaded 5 Level 3 Phase Multi-Level Inverter 
  • Closed-Loop Control Chopper DC Motor Control
  • Single Phase Step Down Cyclocoinverter 
  • Half-Bridge Inverter Single Phase 
  • Boost Converter Open-Loop Control 
  • Buck and Boost Converter Open Loop Converter 
  • Bridgeless AC-DC Buck and Boost Converter 

IoT and Robotics Project Ideas 

  • Vehicle Anti-Theft Technology
  • Wheelchair Control 
  • Automatic Vending Machine 
  • Self-Balancing Robot /Car
  • LIDAR Robot Vehicle 
  • ARM7 Embedded System 
  • Smart / Precision Agriculture 
  • Smart Garbage Collection 

Deep Learning Project Ideas 

  • Blind Image Blur Estimation 
  • Face Identification via GAN 
  • Mask R-CNN 
  • Focal Loss based Dense Object Detection 
  • Non-Local Neural Networks 
  • Human Object Interactions Recognition
  • Object Detection by Feature Pyramid Networks 

Communication Project Ideas 

  • Multilevel Hybrid PABR Reduction (MIMO OFDM System)
  • Joint Turbo Decoding (Overloaded MIMO OFDM Systems)
  • SC-FDMA Channel Estimation (LTE-A based Networks)
  • Resource Allocation in OFDMA 
  • MIMO RADAR with OFDM Coding 
  • Remote Sensing via Ultra-Broadband Photonic Monopulse RADAR

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