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Innovative MS project will answer for any MS-based Matlab ideas. Through this page, you catch the complete package for your master course projects. In essence, the best implementation plan is serving for every Matlab MS project. It will contain the step-by-step process that is going to implement.

At each update or trend in Matlab, the projects’ list is also filling in bit by bit.  We provide a simple Matlab code online, which shows a significant result and easy to use. In addition, it is easy to handle at your project Viva-Voice. 

Some Matlab MS Project Pool Areas 

   Our specialists have made a list of few Matlab domains that remains at research work. Presently, have a quick look at the list of better ideas for PhD development system projects,

Masters Matlab Projects for Research Scholars
  • System Design and Simulation 
    • Network Simulation 
    • Embedded Systems Simulation 
    • Software and Hardware Simulation 
  • Power Electronics and Control 
    • Motor Control and Monitoring
  • Field Oriented Control 
  • BLDC Motor Control 
  • Park and Clarke Transforms 
  • Hardware in the Loop Testing
    • Power Conversion Control and Monitoring 
  • Boost Converter Simulation 
  • MPPT Algorithm 
  • Buck Converter Simulation 
    • Battery Power Management 
  • Battery-Management Systems 
  • Battery State of Charge 
  • Wireless Communications 
    • Communication Standard [5G, LTE and WLAN]
    • WLAN Standards [IEEE 802.11ax, IEEE TGay, and IEEE 802.11p]
    • Software Defined Radio [ADALM-PLUTO, and USRP E3000 Series]
    • Simulation Models [RF, Antenna, and Digital]
    • C-V2X Support 
    • Latest Toolbox: WLAN, LTE, and 5G Toolbox 
  • Deep Learning Robots
  • Antenna Technology 
    • Antenna Gain and Capacity Analysis 
    • Hybrid Beamforming [Analog and Digital] 
    • Massive MIMO
    • Multi-User MIMO
    • Latest Toolbox: Phased Array System, and RF Blockset Toolbox 
  • Channel Modeling and Propagation 
    • TGay mmWave Channel 
    • 3GPP 5G TR 38.901 Channel Model 
    • Scattering MIMO Channel 
    • RF Propagation 
    • 3D Terrain Visualization 
    • SINR Visualization 
   Similar to the above areas, we provide Matlab code to other areas too. One of our unique services is 
  • DPSK Modulation and Demodulation 
  • Image Processing 
    • Face Recognition 
    • Image Segmentation 
  • Antenna Radiation Pattern 
  • Digital Communication System 
  • Deep Learning Algorithms 
  • Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic 
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Real-World Sensor Data Analysis 

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