Cryptography Projects


Cryptography Projects has the pool of novel ideas to safer your research career. To start this, Cryptography is the study and practice of methods to secure the interaction between two parties. Without a doubt, the foremost aim is to prevent the data from adversaries. Due to this fact, cryptography has large-scale applications in various arenas.

Cryptography Assisted Actual Applications

  • Secure Multiparty Computation
  • Smartcard and Biometric Recognition
  • Differential Privacy in ML and also DL
  • Secret Sharing between multi-parties
  • Secure Auditing over Public Cloud
  • Network Insider and also Intrusion Detection
  • Digital Forensics by Blockchain Technology
  • And also many more

For the most part, Information Security is the best product. In that, an encryption algorithm converts the data from one form (Plaintext) to another form (Ciphertext). This process is Encryption while the reverse known as Decryption. In so doing, attackers are unable to overhear the data. For this purpose, Secret Key is essential part.

Notable Cryptography Branches

  • Multivariate Cryptography
  • Proxy Re-encryption 
  • Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • Visual Crypto Systems
  • Steganography and also Watermarking
  • Hashing and Digital Signatures
  • And also many more

To mention that these branches set new trends for research in recent times. Apart from these branches, Cryptography has two main categories. Those are Symmetric and Asymmetric key algorithms. To be clear, Symmetric type uses the same key for encryption and decryption. In contrast, Asymmetric uses different keys for those tasks.

In a new way, we can find the strength of a project by its ability to fulfil the security needs. If a system fulfils them, then it has high efficiency. That’s why, most of algorithms build on these needs.

Security Requirements: Cryptography Projects Must Fulfil

  • Confidentiality
  • Data Integration
  • Non-Repudiation
  • Privacy Preservation
  • Authenticity and also Access Control
  • And so on

We know the value of your Cryptography Projects. Thus, we always mean to cover all above needs. As well to this, we also have new algorithms to add-up new power to your work. Right now, our experts are working upon Deep Encryption schemes. Few of them are Deep-ECC, Deep-AES and so on. To add some wisdom to your brain, we have made known some new algorithms here.


Encryption Algorithms
  • Prince and also Present
  • Hummingbird 2
  • Four-Q and also Manometry Curve
  • TEA, XTEA and so on
Hash Generation Algorithms
  • Streebog Hashing
  • Blake-2 and also Blake-3
  • Keccak and Skein
  • CubeHash and also many more

 In fact, Symmetric has less complexity and also security level. Since, it suffers from Key breaches. To avoid this, key exchange process takes the top place in any projects.

How We Can Exchange The Keys? Add Some Key Exchange Protocols

  • Diffie-Hellman
  • Needham-Schroeder
  • Otway-Rees
  • Wide Mouth Frog
  • Trusted Paper Key
  • And also more

If the project is over, then we have to gage it. Unlike other projects, Cryptography Projects use set of methods for that. As a rule, the main aim of any project is to ensure high-level security. In most cases, security models like BAN logic and Formal Verification are the best methods.


  • Provable Security
  • Random Oracle Model
  • Forward and Backward Secrecy
  • Forward Anonymity
  • Key Freshness
  • Key Size and Strength
  • Time taken by following attacks to crack keys,
    • Brute-Force
    • Boomerang
    • Side and XSL
    • Mod-n Cryptanlysis
    • Known and Chosen Plaintext
    • Timing and Cold Boot Attack
    • Rubber-hose Cryptanalysis
  • And also many more

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