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    Matlab Simulink provides a dynamic environment for simulation and modeling using block diagrams. Simulation results can be compared with the following parameters to validate and verify your model.

  • Collected data from real systems
  • Functionality portrayed in the model requirement

Simulation is generally used to imitate the real system behavior. Two major steps involved in a typical Simulink workflow are:

  • Prepare for the Simulation
  • Start the Simulation and evaluate it

Major Research area for Matlab based Simulink projects:

  • Neural Networks
  • Wireless sensor Network
  • Hydrostatic systems
  • Wireless communication[Zigbee, Zigbee RF4CE, Wi Fi, Mi Wi, ISM Band RF, Bluetooth]
  • Wired communication[RS485, RS232, LIN, ModBUS, Ethernet, I2C , SPI etc]
  • Control Systems
  • Satellite communication[GPS]
  • Mobile Communication[CDMA,GSM, TDMA, GPRS, FDMA]


  •  An efficient approach for Experimentally Validated Models used to MATLAB/Simulink Pulse-Echo Ultrasound System Simulator
  • A novel technique for Partial Shading Detection and Smooth Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV Arrays Under PSC
  • A new mechanism for Bridge-Type Solid-State Fault Current Limiter Based on AC/DC Reactor
  • A novel technology for the Fault-Tolerant Dual Three-Level Inverter Configuration for Multi pole Induction Motor Drive With Reduced Torque Ripple
  • An efficient performance on MV Smart Grids by using an Innovative Measurement Approach for Load Flow Analysis
  • A novel process for Feedback Linearization Direct Torque Control With Reduced Torque and Flux Ripples for IPMSM Drives
  • An efficient process of Electrical Vehicle Applications used for Angular Modulation of Dual-Inverter Fed Open-End Motor
  • A novel technique for perform the Diagnosis of single-phase open-line fault in three-phase PWM rectifier with LCL filter
  • The performance of SRM Applications based on Central-Tapped Node Linked Modular Fault-Tolerance Topology
  • An efficient process of Three-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped IPMSM Drive for Electric Vehicle Applications based on Modified DC-Bus Voltage-Balancing Algorithm
  • The performance of on an Adaptive EKF for EV Traction Applications process based on Enhanced Fault-Tolerant Control of Interior
  • A new mechanism for the process of Simulation-Based Modeling and Power Management of All-Electric Ships Based on Renewable Energy Generation Using Model Predictive Control Strategy
  • An efficient approach for the Performance Analysis of the Computational Implementation of a Simplified PV Model and MPPT Algorithm
  • A novel technique for a Robust LQG Servo Control Strategy of Shunt-Active Power Filter for Power Quality Enhancement
  • A novel technology for a Flywheel Energy Storage System for Fault Ride Through Support of Grid-Connected VSC HVDC-Based Offshore Wind Farms

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