Matlab Based Electronics Projects, a novel service started with the collaborative efforts of renowned experts and dedicated professionals from all over the world. It is an approach started with an only focus in mind that student’s true potential should be harnessed to equip their project with their creative and ingenious ideas. We have successfully completed 10 long years of our service with a satisfaction that we have served our students with all our efforts and expertise. Our students are now, one among the top scholars and researchers of the world, adding feathers to our renowned institute. You can also reach your pinnacle of success with our perfect guidance and support. The only thing you have to do is to approach us with your project needs; we will take care of your entire project burden. As our initial step towards our guidance, we have provided few major research areas and topics for Matlab based electronics projects. Have a glance over it to get some idea for your project.

Major Research areas for Matlab based Electronics projects:

  • Communication systems[Optical, sensor and cellular network communication]
  • Applied Electromagnetic and RF Circuits

                         -Microwave and Millimeter wave circuits

                         -Wave propagation studies for wireless applications

                         -MEMs circuits

                         -Antenna systems

                         -Computational electromagnetic

                        -Active and passive Microwave Remote sensing

                         -Plasma Electrodynamics and EM Metamaterials

  • Computer vision

                        -Semantic understanding of object, material and actions within a scene

                        -Augmented reality in Mobile devices

                        -Robotic Vision

  • Embedded Systems

                        -Code compression techniques[low power embedded system]

                        -Energy Constrained architectures

                       -Sub threshold voltage microprocessors

                       -Cryptography in hardware and software

  • Control Systems

                       -Flight dynamics and control

                       -Control system analysis and design

                       -Cyber physical system

                       -Production lines and biped locomotion

                       -Automatic control

  • Integrated Circuits and VLSI

                       -Low power circuits and RF Circuits

                       -Sensing systems

                       -Hardware DSP implementation

                       -Energy harvesting

                       -Data converters and digital circuits

  • Microsystems and MEMS[Need to explore new devices, methods, interface circuits and Microsystems]
  • Power and energy

                       -Power Electronics

                       -Electric Machines and drives

                       -Power system control optimization and analysis

  • Signal and Image processing

                       -Radar Imaging

                      -Medical imaging

                      -Sensor Networking

                      -Image compression

                      -Communication and signal processing

  • Machine learning and Robotics

                      -Control principles of bipedal robotic locomotion

                      -Mobile Manipulation of Robots

                      -Human Robot Interaction

Major Research Applications:

  • Direct digital frequency synthesis[Field programmable Gate array]
  • Analog to Digital converter[CMOS Technology
  • Laser Guided Vehicle
  • CDMA system[Optical Orthogonal Codes]
  • Control Systems of Gas turbine
  • Indoor Navigation [Accelerometer and Magnetometer]
  • Channel Estimation in wireless systems
  • Modeling three phase power systems
  • Speech recognition[under noisy environment]
  • Remotely train control[PIC32 Microcontroller]
  • Antenna design [CDMA]
  • Object tracking
  • Theft detection and tracking using CCTV.

Research topics for Matlab based Electronics projects:

  • Design and implementation of single stage Grid connected Buck and boost converters for photovoltaic Inverter applications
  • Cascaded Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter for Solar applications
  • Low voltage Energy harvesting applications using bridgeless boost rectifier
  • Integrated 3 port bidirectional DC-DC converter on a DC distribution system for PV Application
  • New Modulation method for Modular Multilevel Inverter and its application to photovoltaic grid connected generator
  • Analyzing the impact of Remote controlled switches on Distributed Grid recovering processes and systems
  • Design and implementation of time-multiplexed FIR Filters on FPGAs
  • Using Space vector Modulation, direct torque control of Induction Motor
  • Direct Torque control using dynamic performance of Drive and space vector Modulation using a fuzzy logic controller for Speed Regulation
  • Direct torque control scheme with space vector modulation for Induction Machines


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