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Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to how humans and computers interact fundamentally with natural human languages. NLP is considered to be a subfield of Computer science and linguistics advancements like data science and artificial intelligence are playing a significant role. Generating and understanding natural languages and speech recognition of some of the actions associated with natural language processing.

In this article, you can gain a better picture of natural language processing using MATLAB where we will first start with an overview of it.

Overview of NLP using MATLAB

  • The source of human languages include social media, web data, audio files, documents, and other crucial databases of public sentiment, maintenance reports, voice commands, and operational data
  • NLP is involved in integrating and simplifying such huge sources of data thus transforming them to obtain deep perceptions using  visualization tools, classifiers based on machine learning, and topic models
  • It is really hard for humans to read and sort huge datasets whereas MATLAB provides a better platform to make this process are highly efficient
  • By using MATLAB you can detect patterns, analyze the trends and establish complex relationships
Implementing Natural Language Processing Using Matlab Software

NLP Toolbox for Matlab

MatlabNLP is the NLP toolbox associated with MATLAB which contains appropriate models for or all types of natural language processing features such as the following

  • Tokenization and pre-processing – stemming, word removal, and text cleaning
  • POS tagging – identify the part of speech for the given sentence or words
  • Learning Algorithms – decision trees, linear regression, Naive Bayes, and support vector machines

Therefore MATLAB provides for a variety of benefits in natural language processing. Natural Language Processing using MATLAB allows us to determine the presence of the human voice in any audio file and establish transcripts from speech to text and apply machine learning algorithms and text mining techniques. The following activities can be performed using MATLAB in NLP,

  • Creation of simple classification text model
  • Deep learning based text classifier
  • Word cloud for data and text visualization
  • Multi-word phrases based text data analysis
  • Speech recognition based on Deep learning

Since we have been guiding Natural Language Processing using MATLAB for more than 20 years we are very much capable of supporting you with all the best possible solutions to your research queries and problems. You can get complete research assistance and ultimate project support in all aspects of NLP research using MATLAB from us. Let us now talk about the components of NLP below,

Major 2 components of NLP

  • Learning
    • Linear and logistic regression
    • Naive Bayes and SVM
  • Tokenization
    • Bernoulli featurizer
    • tf – idf
    • Multinomial featurizer based on term frequency

For a detailed explanation of all these concepts, components, and other methodologies in NLP, you can check out our website. We are also here to provide you with advanced research guidance and all the practical explanations and technical descriptions needed to search effectively. We will now discuss the NLP applications using MATLAB

Latest Applications of Natural Language Processing using MATLAB

  • Natural Language Processing is primarily used in financial applications, information technology, electronics, engineering, software technologies, industrial manufacturing, and many more
  • Word and phrase frequency counting in a document
  • Performing NLP based Data analytics
  • Automatic review classification based on positive and negative sentiments
  • Text log and sensor data based scheduling of predictive equipment maintenance

Because of these meritorious advantages, Natural Language Processing is gaining huge significance over the past few decades. You can get complete details about the objectives of recent research in natural language processing using MATLAB projects from our experts. Let us now talk about the recent trends in NLP

Emerging trends in natural language processing

  • Document classification and data retrieval from unstructured source documents
  • Speech record tagging and automated labelling
  • Creating schedules for equipment maintenance from predictions based on data from sensors and text logs
  • Counting the repetition of words and phrases within a file for modeling based on topics
  • Sentiment based review classification in an automatic manner

Currently, in all these areas of NLP research, we are providing all necessary support both technically and in literature aspects. Our engineers are well known for their complete conceptual explanation that gives you good clarity on all principles and mechanisms involved in NLP. We will now look into creative NLP project ideas

Innovative Ideas on natural language processing

  • Fundamental NLP tasks
    • Stemming, tokenization, clean-up, and lemmatization
    • POS tagging, segmenting and recognizing topics
    • Morphological segmentation of words and sentences
    • Expanding queries and parsing
  • Advanced NLP tasks
    • Data extraction and retrieval
    • Machine translation, relationship extraction, dialogue system, and establishing text similarity
    • Discourse analysis, natural language generation, coreference resolution, and named entity recognition
    • Disambiguation of sentence boundaries and word senses
    • Sentiment analysis, question answering system, and automatic summarization
    • Captioning images, knowledge-based reasoning, and multimodal tasks

You can check out our website for the technical details on our successful NLP Research projects. We are here to provide your assistance on any kind of innovative and creative topics of your interest in NLP. So you can reach out to us with more confidence. Let us now talk about NLP based MATLAB tools

MATLAB toolboxes for Natural Language Processing

Data retrieval, understanding the meaning, and analyzing data in the form of text and speech, the natural language processing methods make use of the following toolboxes in MATLAB

Our experts are highly qualified in handling MATLAB Toolboxes efficiently. You can therefore get customized results to support from us. And also our developers are highly experienced in handling any kind of issues and complexities that arise in natural language processing projects using MATLAB. Let has now looked to the NLP task-based MATLAB functions

MATLAB functions for NLP tasks

  • Text pre-processing
    • Upper and lower – converting the documents into uppercase and lowercase respectively
    • replace words and replaceNgrams – replacing words and n-grams present in a document
    • removeStopWords, removeLongwords, and removeShortwords – removal of stop words, long words, and short words respectively from a document
    • stopwords and normalizewords – used in listing the stop words and stemming words respectively
    • decodeHTMLEntities – conversion of XML and HTML entities to associated characters
    • erasePunctuation, eraseURLs and eraseTags – these are used in erasing text punctuations, HTML and XML tags and HTTP URL from texts respectively
    • tokenizedDocument – it provides for tokenizer document arrays to be used in analyzing text
  • Token and word processing
    • topLevelDomains, abbreviations, context, and tokenDetails – it provides for top level domains list, common abbreviations, allows document search and tokenized document array details
    • corpusLanguage, splitSentences, and addTypeDetails – detecting text language, sentence splitting and addition of token type details to the documents are respectively provided by these commands
    • addEntityDetails, addLanguageDetails, and addLemmaDetails – these are used in adding entity tags, language identifiers, and token lemma forms respectively to the documents
    • addSentenceDetails and addPartsOfSpeechDetails – these are used in adding the details of sentence numbers and parts of speech tags to the texts and documents
  • Feature extraction
    • join, encode, and addDocument – the combination of the various bag of words and n gram models word, Matrix encoding, and a bag of words addition to a document are provided respectively by these commands
    • tfidf, topkngrams, and removeNgrams – these commands provide for term frequency-inverse document frequency matrix, frequent n-grams, and significant LDA topics
    • removeEmptyDocuments and removeIngrequentNgrams and removeInfrequentWords – these are used in removing tokenized document and bag-of-words models’ empty documents and uncommon n grams and words respectively
    • addDocument and removeDocument – these are used in adding and removing documents out of word bags and n gram model bags
    • bagOfWords and bagOfNgrams – bag of words models and bag of n-grams model
  • Topic modeling and feature selection
    • lsaModel and ldaModel – Latent Semantic Analysis Model and Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model
    • transform, predict and resume – these commands respectively provide for low dimensional space transformation of documents, LDA topic prediction, and LDA model resume fitting
    • logp, fitlsa, and fitlda – the log probabilities of the document along with LDA model fitness, LSA, and LDA  model fitting are provided by these commands respectively
  • Sentiment analysis
    • ratioSentimentScores – sentiments course associated with ratio rules are obtained with this command
    • vaderSentimentScores – VADER algorithms associated with Sentiment scores

You can get further details on MATLAB functions and tools associated with natural language processing tasks from our engineers. Get in touch with us for any kind of clarifications regarding the different aspects of these tools and to get all your queries resolved immediately. We will now talk about NLP MATLAB transformer models

Transformer models for NLP MATLAB

BERT, GPT – 2, and FinBERT are the repositories used in implementing the deep learning transformer models within MATLAB. There are some basic necessities needed for implementing NLP with the help of MATLAB. Let us look at those essential technicalities below

Requirements for Natural Language Processing using MATLAB

  • GPT – 2
    • Deep learning toolbox
    • MATLAB R2020a
  • FinBERT and BERT 
    • Text analytics and deep learning toolboxes
    • MATLAB R2021a

In order to give more details on the above technical aspects, you can get in touch with us. We can explain anything from basics to advanced concepts in NLP. You might need the support of experts in the field of NLP in order to do the best research work. For this purpose, you can reach out to us instantly. Let us now discuss the importance of MATLAB based transformer models,

Performance Evaluation of Natural Language Processing Using Matlab

 Uses of transformer models in MATLAB

  • FinBERT based Sentiment Analysis
    • Financial text data based sentiment analysis is performed using FinBERT
    • Sentiment analysis can also be easily refined using this model
  • BERT based Text Data Classification
    • Pretrained BERT model can be used in accurate feature extraction
    • Conversion of documents into feature vectors can be performed using the BERT model
    • Data obtained from this conversion can then be used as input in training the network of classifiers based on Deep learning
  • GPT- 2 for Text Summarisation
    • This is a transformer network that is used in text summarization
    • Then a certain number of initial words are provided, the pre-trained GPT – 2 model provides for text generation
    • The webpage comments and content from internet forums and social media are used in training this model
  • Pre-trained BERT model for Tuning Text processing
    • Classification of failed events out of raw data is one of the best examples for a fine-tuned and pre-trained BERT model
    • Further refinement of BERT parameters to establish a pre-trained BERT model can help you perform better tasks
  • FinBERT and BERT based Masked Token Prediction
    • Establishing mask values instead of prediction of text tokens is one of the various tasks performed by pre-trained BERT models

We are well aware of all these technicalities and the current progress in the field of Natural Language Processing research. Our engineers are upgrading themselves on a regular basis to provide our customers with updated research information. So you can reach out to us for authentic and benchmark references in NLP. Let us now have a look into the metrics used for evaluating the performance of NLP using MATLAB

Performance Evaluation measures for NLP using MATLAB
  • Accuracy and recall
  • Mean square error and F1 measure
  • Precision and fallout

For reliable research data on the latest trend in NLP Research and methods for evaluating NLP system performance, you can visit our website. Since MATLAB has become one of the most significant simulation tools and system design platforms for NLP, you need to be highly updated and skilled in handling MATLAB toolboxes and all their other aspects. Our experts and developers are here to help you out in the technical aspects. Reach out to us for more assistance for the Natural Language Processing using MATLAB.

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