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We state that the machine learning trends are non-static and consistently evolving with new domains of interest. Various novel or efficient project trajectories may obtain attention in the current era.

            It is important for us to analyze the latest machine learning based research conferences like ICML, ICLR, NeurIPS and also some current articles in the domain for deciding effective current project ideas. Here, we discuss about various project fields that are important and evolving in the current year:

  1. Post-Transformers Frameworks: Transformers are effective. So, we demonstrate that there will be novel frameworks that construct on, retrain, or even outperform transformers.
  2. Data Confidentiality & Decentralized AI: With the enhancing attention of data          confidentiality, we enable methods to train the framework without data centralization like the latest federated learning techniques and differential privacy obtain importance.    
  3. ML for Healthcare: By utilizing AI methods, our project comprises drug discovery, early curing and personalized medicine and it also includes future improvements.
  4. Beyond Deep Learning: We state that, because of the effectiveness of deep learning, often there is a possibility for regeneration in integration of various methods or other machine learning techniques.
  5. Neuro-AI: To convey the development of neural network frameworks, our research obtains motivations directly from the current outcomes in neuroscience.
  6. Real-world Reinforcement Learning: RL assists us to handle more difficult actual-world situations where there are defective simulations and noisy reviews.
  7. General AI (AGI): We describe that advanced procedures to construct various general models become more defined in research when the genuine AGI is still experimenting.
  8. Human-in-the-loop AI: For more collaborative and robust findings, we accurately combine human judgements into AI frameworks.
  9. AI Morals and Considerations: It is very important for us to consider analysis and exploration into AI moral suggestions and possible standard models because of the general nature of AI.
  10. Cross-modal Transfer Learning: Our work utilizes methods that share skills not only inside the similar data type such as text to text data, but also shared among various types including image to text data.
  11. AI for Climate Change: We consider the following ML applications-based creation as innovative concepts and they are climatic framework, optimize renewable energy implementation and ecological system interpretation.
  12. Custom AI Hardware: In our work, research based on developing hardware modified to particular kinds of AI computations over common GPUs.
  13. Green AI: There is a high chance for us to accomplish more effective and approachable ML implementation through the consideration of environmental effects in the huge framework’s training process.
  14. Explainable AI (XAI): The requirement for understandability and framework decision interpretation seems to expand due to the importance of our AI model in the decision making process.
  15. AI for Space Exploration: In our space investigation research, modified AI approaches assist us to handle various tasks such as examining satellite images, managing robots in space platforms and because of this space interaction will acquire interests.

However, based on the previous approaches, we examine the above mentioned concepts. Then, it is essential to analyze current articles and research papers to obtain transparency of the trending topics in the current year and in upcoming years.

Latest Research Projects in Machine Learning

Machine Learning Research Proposal Ideas

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  1. Comparison of Voltage Stability Assessment using Different Machine Learning Algorithms
  2. A New Fast Training Algorithm for Autoencoder Neural Networks based on Extreme Learning Machine
  3. eXplainable and Reliable Against Adversarial Machine Learning in Data Analytics
  4. On quantum methods for machine learning problems part I: Quantum tools
  5. A Comprehensive Survey on Sales Forecasting Models Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  6. Recent trends in classification of remote sensing data: active and semisupervised machine learning paradigms
  7. A Machine-learning Based Energy Management System for Microgrids with Distributed Energy Resources and Storage
  8. Vehicle automatic driving system based on embedded and machine learning
  9. Parallel classifiers ensemble with hierarchical machine learning for imbalanced classes
  10. Machine Learning Techniques Applied to Dynamic Video Adapting
  11. Assessment of Asthma BAL Cytokines using Machine Learning Techniques
  12. Skyrim Game Mods Endorsement Prediction with Machine Learning
  13. Machine learning and radio emitter threat degree judgment based on fuzzy neural network
  14. A Lightweight Phishing Website Detection Algorithm by Machine Learning
  15. Detecting Botnet Victims Through Graph-Based Machine Learning
  16. Comparison of Machine Learning algorithms performance in detecting network intrusion
  17. A Novel Real-time Automated Face Classification and Detection system using Machine Learning Technique
  18. Analytics in Support of E-Commerce Systems Using Machine Learning
  19. Use Machine Learning Technologies in E-learning
  20. Comparisons of Machine Learning Algorithms for Application Identification of Encrypted Traffic

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