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Dissertation writing needs lots of skills and knowledge where scholars may lack in some places so it is best advisable to get professional support, we also offer the best dissertation writing services for all areas of research. You can contact us at any time and solve all your dissertation issues as we are ready to serve you. A data analysis dissertation is a study work that mainly targets observing data to solve significant research problems and check assumptions. This kind of dissertation is general in areas such as statistics, economics, psychology, sociology and natural sciences. The following is a common outline of the main features and involvements that we implement into your dissertation:

Key Mechanisms of a Data Analysis Dissertation

  1. Introduction: We introduce the study problem and assumption, detail the significance of the research and outline of your project design.
  2. Literature Review: To inspect your research into the area we look over the existing literature, find gaps to occupy the study goals and construct a subject-based model for the observation.
  3. Methodology: Explain in detail the process of our gathered data, techniques utilized for analysis for your work that involves statistical tests, software used and reason behind selecting certain approaches.
  4. Data Description: We offer a literature captions for the data set which involves the source, size, variables and other similar properties. When your data is obtained from a review, practical and secondary locations, discuss this method.
  5. Data Analysis: It is the main part of your dissertation that displays the findings of the data analysis, deploying the selected statistical and analytical approaches. We employ tables, graphs and charts to represent your outcomes.
  6. Discussion: Understand the results in the context of your research problem and the old literature. We explain the importance of the outcomes, what they convey about the title and other sudden results.
  7. Conclusion: We overview the major detections, their importance and the involvement of your research in the domain. For future study we also detail the challenges in your work.
  8. References: Note down all the materials that are cited in the dissertation.
  9. Appendices: In this section we comprise other additional resources like well-defined tables, methodological ideas on your observations and the data set when it is not trust-worthy.

Considerations for a Data Analysis Dissertation

  • Data Quality: We confirm that the data you employ is dependable, correct and applicable for explaining the study problems.
  • Statistical Methods: Selecting suitable statistical techniques is helpful for us. The option is based on the research question, the essence of data and the type of analytics you target to obtain.
  • Software Skills: We support you in improving yourself with statistical software such as SPSS, R, Python and Stata according to the area and the difficulty of the considerations.
  • Ethical Considerations: When your data includes human theories make sure to follow moral directions with security and detailed consent.
  • Interpreting results: You should be careful in understanding the outcomes and neglect extra definitions on results and accept the challenges in your data and techniques.
  • Communication: We demonstrate the results in a simple and exact format by ignoring more idioms. Detail your complicated statistical methods in an approach which will be interpreted by general readers who are not proficient in this field.

What are some common topics or areas of research for a Dissertation MPhil?

       The titles for a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) dissertation are fabulously different, based on the area of research. MPhil research which frequently include actual tasks and challenging feedback of existing literatures. Below are some general fields of research which we refer for your dissertation throughout several domains:

Business and Economics

  • Finance: Considering the influence of economic agreements on global stores.
  • Marketing: Researching customer activity directions in the digital age.
  • Economics: On regional economics, studying the impacts of globalization.
  • Entrepreneurship: To initiate profit and loss, discovering various aspects that involve this.
  • Human Resource Management: Analyzing the impact of industrial tradition on the effort of the employee.

Sciences and Health Sciences

  • Biology: This topic includes researching the effect of ecological alteration on biodiversity.
  • Physics: Investigation of the latest resources and methodologies like developments in renewable energy.
  • Chemistry: For medicals, it consists of new drug supplying mechanisms and artificial routes.
  • Environmental Science: Evaluating the impacts of weather conversion on particular environments.
  • Public Health: To enhance healthcare authority and quality, discovering plans.

Engineering and Technology

  • Computer Science: For handling real-time issues, creating advanced methods and software results in this topic.
  • Engineering: This topic explores creative resources and methods in civil and mechanical engineering.
  • Information Technology: Researching the effect of IT improvements on industry or society.
  • Renewable Energy: It discovers continuous energy solutions.
  • Data Science: To get a better understanding, examine big data in different domains.

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Cultural Studies: Investigating traditional profile and impacts in a globalized world.
  • Psychology: It includes study on mental health problems like the effect of social media on youngster’s welfare.
  • Sociology: This topic discovers social diversity and their causes in various groups.
  • Political Sciences: Observing the robustness of different governance frameworks and political strategies.
  • History: Determining a specific historical activity and duration with a novel approach.

Arts and Design

  • Art History: Investigating the growth of a specific art format and action.
  • Musicology: Researching the impact of traditional alteration on music themes.
  • Literature Studies: Determining the tasks of a particular writer and timeframe.
  • Theatre & Performance Studies: This topic is discovering modern theatre experiences.
  • Visual Arts: It includes the act of digital channels in modern art.


  • Syllabus Improvement: Researching the efficiency of new academic frameworks.
  • Educational Psychology: This title contains studying the learning procedures and solutions.
  • Higher Education Policy: It observes the effect of agreement modifications on university education.
  • E-Learning: Discovering the performance of the online learning environments.
  • Inclusive Education: For collaborating with specialized children, this topic analyzes ideas.
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Our professional editors who are all well versed in your university rules, frames the dissertation proof reading in such a way that it overall quality of the content will be very good without any errors. We assure clarity, grammatical errors and research errors will  be nil by achieving perfection.

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  5. MATLAB-based Simplified Mathematical Modelling of Non-ideal Differential Mode Inverters
  6. Developing MATLAB Data Acquisition and Control Functions for the LABVOLT Electromechanical Training System
  7. MATLAB Simscape Simulation of Solar Photovoltaic array fed BLDC Motor using Maximum Power Point Tracker
  8. Simulation of Interwire Short Circuits in Transformer Windings by Means of Simulink MATLAB
  9. IIR filters designed for comparison and minimum-order design exploration using Matlab
  10. Channel length-dependent Performance Study of OTFT: Analytical modeling using MATLAB
  11. Optimum Design and Modal Analysis of Reducer Worm Drive for Belt Conveyor by Matlab and ANSYS
  12. Data Acquisition for Rocket Model Identification with Aircraft Simulator X-Plane and MATLAB
  13. A computationally efficient nonlinear dynamic model for cMUT based on COMSOL and MATLAB/Simulink
  14. Modeling of Photovoltaic Panel using Matlab/Simulink and application of P & O Algorithm P & O Algorithm
  15. Development of distribution network model in OpenDSS using Matlab and GIS data
  16. Modeling, Simulation, and Implementation of the Electrical Power System of Cube Satellite Using Matlab and Simulink
  17. Simulation of Linear Block Code Encoding and Decoding Based on MATLAB
  18. Simulation Analysis for Electromagnetic Emission Characteristics of Electric Vehicles Based on MATLAB App Designer
  19. Simulation and state space representation of single phase five level h-bridge inverter using MATLAB
  20. Automated gate impedance network design for SiC MOSFETs using SPICE solver interfaced with MATLAB environment

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