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Generally proper structure and format is required to carry out your thesis. MATLAB Simulink is useful in various areas in the field of research, such as developing a model, enhancing the efficacy of systems, etc. Get fresh MATLAB ideas for all fields we merge algorithms and techniques and get desired solutions. The following are few concepts that are altered to different possible research regions:

Control Systems

  • Specifically in wind and solar energy applications, this thesis exhibits in what way innovative control models constructed in MATLAB Simulink can essentially enhance the effectiveness and balance of renewable energy frameworks.

Signal Processing

  • For the purpose of improving the standard of audio indications in noisy settings, the study demonstrated here investigates the application of MATLAB Simulink in the growth of a groundbreaking signal processing approach.

Automotive Systems

  • In order to construct and examine a novel adaptive cruise control model for vehicles, this research employs MATLAB Simulink, which intends to enhance the landscape safety and effectiveness of fuel.

Power Systems

  • Through concentrating on optimizing power supply and improving grid balance based on changing renewable energy resources, the thesis examines the application of smart grid innovations by employing MATLAB Simulink.

Communication Systems

  • By utilizing MATLAB Simulink, this task represents a new technique to create and simulate 5G interaction frameworks. This focus on enhancing the quickness and consistency of data transmission.


  • This study constructs an innovative method for automatic navigation of robotic by making use of MATLAB Simulink, which allows more effective and precise decision-making in complicated settings.

Biomedical Engineering

  • To examine and comprehend physiological information by employing signal processing approaches, this thesis implements MATLAB Simulink in the progress of external blood glucose tracking models.

Aerospace Engineering

  • Along with a highlight on improving flexibility and balance, the research concentrates on the purpose of MATLAB Simulink for simulating and enhancing the flight dynamics of unmanned aerial vehicles.

What resources are available to help me brainstorm and refine my bachelor thesis topic?

          It is challenging as well as interesting to develop and enhance an innovative bachelor thesis topic. Luckily, below are several sources that are accessible to help you throughout this effort:

  1. Academic Advisors and Faculty Members: In your research domain, your educational experts or staff members are considered as one of the valuable sources. Depending on their knowledge and skills, they can offer beneficial instructions. They could enhance your concepts, recommend topics, or indicate research gaps in your discipline.
  2. Library Resources:
  • Research Databases: In order to investigate previous studies, it is appreciable to employ databases such as PubMed, Google Scholar, JSTOR, and others that are certain to your research domain.
  • Librarians: Generally, most of the librarians are well experienced in research techniques. So, they might assist you to frame search tactics, place materials, and find main study in your research area.
  1. Online Forums and Academic Networks:
  • ResearchGate and Academia.edu: These are the environments where you can have a link with researchers globally, permission to use papers, and participate in conferences.
  • Subject-specific forums and social media groups: It is beneficial to refer to these places. Usually, these locations are helpful in identifying motivation and recent topics of conference.
  1. Previous Theses and Dissertations: You must analyze the work that has been completed by former students in your research domain. This process provides you anticipated concept objectives and deepness, and also possible research gaps.
  2. Conferences and Workshops: In your discipline, the way of participating in educational discussions, workshops, and webinars can offer perceptions into recent study patterns and communicating chances with professionals.
  3. Journal Articles and Reviews: Specifically reading review articles in your discipline, recent journal articles can assist you in finding what has been previously performed and what queries are yet to be resolved.
  4. Brainstorming Tools:
  • Mind Mapping Software: To visually arrange your concepts, it is appreciable to employ equipment such as Coggle or MindMeister.
  • Brainstorming Apps: In order to support planning and arrangement of thoughts, it is better to create suitable applications.
  1. Online Courses and Workshops: Programs on research techniques and educational writing, are provided by most of the institutions or environments such as edX or Coursera, which is considered as beneficial.
  2. Industry Contacts and Professional Bodies: You must involve experts in your domain or related career groups, when your thesis is business-related. They might offer real-time viewpoints and possible study regions.
  3. News and Current Affairs Sources: You must stay up-to-date with the latest information in your discipline. Through this, you can inspire appropriate and related thoughts for topics.
Good Research Statement Ideas

MATLAB Simulink Thesis Statement Ideas

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  1. Efficient Method for Continuous IoT Data Stream Indexing in the Fog-Cloud Computing Level
  2. Performance Modeling and Optimization for a Fog-Based IoT Platform
  3. Fog Computing with P2P: Enhancing Fog Computing Bandwidth for IoT Scenarios
  4. A Multi-tier Cost Model for Effective User Scheduling in Fog Computing Networks
  5. MockFog: Emulating Fog Computing Infrastructure in the Cloud
  6. Reinforcement Learning-based Computation Resource Allocation Scheme for 5G Fog-Radio Access Network
  7. Comparative Analysis of Simulators for IoT Applications in Fog/Cloud Computing
  8. User mobility and resource scheduling and management in fog computing to support IoT devices
  9. From Cloud Computing to Fog Computing: Unleash the Power of Edge and End Devices
  10. EmuFog: Extensible and scalable emulation of large-scale fog computing infrastructures
  11. Efficient green solution for a balanced energy consumption and delay in the IoT-Fog-Cloud computing
  12. An Improved Fast Search and Find of Density Peaks-Based Fog Node Location of Fog Computing System
  13. SQGA: Quantum Genetic Algorithm-based Workflow Scheduling in Fog-Cloud Computing
  14. UAVFog: A UAV-based fog computing for Internet of Things
  15. Incentive Propagation Mechanism of Computation Offloading in Fog-enabled D2D Networks
  16. Experimenting with a Fog-computing Architecture for Indoor Navigation
  17. A new Security Mechanism for Vehicular Cloud Computing Using Fog Computing System
  18. Resource Allocation in Combined Fog-Cloud Scenarios by Using Artificial Intelligence
  19. Towards a Multi-Tier Fog/Cloud Architecture for Video Streaming
  20. Joint optimization of transmission and processing delay in fog computing access networks

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