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To ensure the success of your dissertation, it is crucial to adhere to certain important criteria. The dissertation primarily focuses on comparing various elements, theories, and methodologies, while emphasizing similarities, conducting analysis, and providing a summary. Achieve success in all your research endeavours by availing our dissertation writing assistance. Our team of expert writers will meticulously craft your dissertation using cutting-edge technologies and the most up-to-date methodologies. We are eager to work with you, so please don’t hesitate. Consider our following points for a detailed look on the main components which includes in a dissertation:

Key Components

  1. Selection of Comparative Elements: To compare the elements, first select your components. For developing a significant comparison, it must have sufficient identities along with, it must have sufficient variations too for emphasizing the important comparisons.
  2. Theoretical Framework: For your comparison process, set up a theoretical base. This framework assists you in leading your analysis and supports in organizing your points.
  3. Criteria for Comparison: The particular aspects or standards should determine, that you utilized for contrasting your selected elements. In your dissertation, the criteria must be suitable to your research question and theoretical framework.
  4. Methodology: Explain the process of carrying out the comparison performance. It comprises qualitative methods like textual analysis, quantitative methods like statistical analysis or a combination of both.
  5. Analysis and Discussion: In a well-organized manner, display your result and discuss how each element compares with others that oppose your judgement. Emphasize the identities as well as variations.
  6. Synthesis: To mention your key research question, gather your result. In your analysis, discuss the consequences and explain how it provides the knowledge of the topic.
  7. Conclusion: Outline your main result and their importance. The constraints of your study must be discussed and for future research, recommend some areas.

Example Topics

  1. Literature: We contrast the topics of freedom and oppression in “1984” by George Orwell and “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley.
  2. Politics: Several healthcare policies in Canada and the United States and their effects on public health are explored by us.
  3. History: The reasons and consequences of two various historical events are analyzed, such as the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.
  4. Business: The business tactics of two top companies in the same industry are compared by us. For instance, Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market.
  5. Education: In primary education, we study various teaching methods and their impacts in enhancing student involvement.
  6. Social Sciences: We explore how the various societies reply to social problems like immigration or climate change.

Tips for Success

  • Clarity and Focus: Make sure that your research question and that your comparison remains concentrated on answering these questions.
  • Balance: While you compare the element, pay similar consideration to each particular element.
  • Critical Analysis: Outshine the significant description. The importance of your result must observe and explained.
  • Evidence-Based: Through primary sources, secondary literature or empirical data for assisting your evaluations with relevant proof.
  • Objectivity: During your analysis, lead a balanced and clear perspective.

What are the requirements for a successful Dissertation MPhil defense?

When you are efficiently defending an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) dissertation, it includes various basic demands. Depending on the institution and academic standards, the particular guidelines vary from others. But, we are considering the following points which are most common elements that are usually expected in defending a dissertation:

  1. Comprehensive Knowledge of the Subject: Conduct a thorough study of your research topic which involves appropriate theories, preliminary examination and your self-generated result. While defending your project, get ready to explain in what way your project is suitable to this extensive field.
  2. Clear and Coherent Presentation: Usually, outline your dissertation’s main concept when you start your dissertation. It must be clear, well-structured and in brief, communicate your research question successfully, methods, result and conclusions.
  3. Substantial Original Research: Generally, an MPhil dissertation requires original analysis. In your field, your work must provide novel knowledge or understandings that establish essential analysis and research performance.
  4. Strong Methodological Execution: Your method of research must be relevant to your research question and must be well-implemented. Prepare yourself to prove your selection of methods and discuss it, if there are any constraints.
  5. Ability to Engage in Scholarly Debate: You may confront a lot of questions from your examiners, throughout the defense. You must have the capacity to employ academic arguments for defending your choices in research and explanations, and effects of your work are explained in your defense.
  6. Awareness of Limitations: You should recognize the restrictions of your work. For further research, it demonstrates a core concept of your work’s scope and prospective field.
  7. Quality of Writing and Presentation: A written dissertation must be well-organized, easy to understand and must free from important errors. During the defence, visual aids like PowerPoint slides must be professional and support you in elucidating your research.
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