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Here, we discussed about the concepts of deep learning projects by considering several aspects:

  1. Image categorization & Vision:
  • Detection of facial emotion: By employing deep learning based technique named CNNs, we detect various emotions through analyzing human faces.
  • Coloring of Image: Transformation of image color from black to white by the use of deep learning.
  • Custom object identifier: In images, we can identify particular objects by employing a framework such as YOLO or Faster R-CNN.
  • GAN based art generator: We develop an art through the utilization of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).
  • Style Transfer: To integrate the pattern or style of one image with the content of other, Neural Style Transfer is applied.
  1. Audio and speech:
  • Production of music: Production of new music by employing techniques like RNNs and GANs.
  • Detection of speech: Speech detection is carried out by using some DL based approaches to transform the spoken content into text format.
  • Speaker recognition: To detect the speaker by analyzing their voice, we apply various techniques related to DL.
  1. Reinforcement learning:
  • Navigating Robot: We train the robot to move from one place to another.
  • Playing games: To play video games, a model is trained through the use of several methods including DDPG or Q-learning.
  1. Prediction and Time sequence:
  • Forecasting in stock market: The previous old data are examined to forecast present or future stock prices.
  • Weather prediction: By applying deep learning-based approaches, we forecast weather conditions.
  1. Natural Language Processing:
  • Chatbot: Framework like Sequence-to-Sequence with attention is utilized to execute a Chatbot.
  • Named Entity Recognition (NER): With the idea of NER, we retrieve entities including names, locations and organizations from text data.
  • Method of sentiment analysis: Through the use of transformers such as BERT, the sentiments are examined by considering their reviews or feedbacks.
  • Translation of Language: By employing deep learning methods, we translate the text from one language to another.
  1. Clinical imaging:
  • Identification of disease: A CNNs technique is deployed to identify various diseases by analyzing MRI or X-ray images.
  • Cell categorization: From examining microscopic images, we categorize various cell types.

      7.Anomaly identification:

  • Recognition of industrial detect: By evaluating and testing images, industrial product’s defects are recognized.
  • Credit card fraud identification: The illegitimate transactions are identified by considering transaction information.
  1. Modern Project ideas:
  • Multimodal learning: To analyze the concept in efficient perspectives, integration of different patterns of data like images and text formats are carried out.
  • Meta learning: We utilize suitable techniques that are appropriate for our system to learn effectively.
  • Zero shot learning: To identify ideas or objects without considering direct illustrations, the framework is trained.
  1. Others:
  • Recommendation framework: We apply deep learning related methods to develop a product or movie suggestion framework.
  • Estimating gender and age: From the analysis of images, people’s gender and age are forecasted.
  • Identification of Deepfake: In this, we identify the altered image or video data.
  • Analyzing gestures: By using video data, the gestures are analyzed for efficient implementation in sign language translation.

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  1. Graph-based Deep Learning Analysis and Instance Selection
  2. Artificially Intelligent Health Chatbot Using Deep Learning
  3. Deep learning in power systems research: A review
  4. Deep Learning and Improved K-Means Clustering Algorithm in Electrical Faults
  5. Deep Learning Based Detection of Cracks in Electroluminescence Images of Fielded PV modules
  6. Regression with Deep Learning for Sensor Performance Optimization
  7. Deep Learning Framework using Scalable Shared Memory Buffer Framework
  8. Time Series Classification Using Deep Learning for HAR Based on Smart Wearable Sensors
  9. Research on English semantic intelligence analysis method based on deep learning
  10. Sensitive Information Identification Method of Power System Based on Deep Learning
  11. Spam Consumer’s Reviews Detection for E-Commerce Website using Linguistic Approach in Deep Learning
  12. A Hybrid and Explainable Deep Learning Framework for SAR Images
  13. Intelligent Grasping Method of Multi-joint Manipulator Based on Deep Learning
  14. Deep Learning-Based Swallowing Monitor for Realtime Detection of Swallow Duration
  15. Analysis on Sentiment Analytics Using Deep Learning Techniques
  16. Detection and recognition method for pointer-type meter based on deep learning
  17. A Survey of Automatic Text Summarization Technology Based on Deep Learning
  18. Influence of Dataset Parameters on the Performance of Direct UE Positioning via Deep Learning
  19. Investigation of Deep Learning Backbone Influence on 2D Permittivity Reconstruction Performance
  20. Improving Transfer Performance of Deep Learning with Adaptive Batch Normalization for Brain-computer Interfaces
  21. Prediction of 12 Photonic Crystal Fiber Optical Properties Using MLP in Deep Learning
  22. U-Net based Deep Learning Architectures for Latent Fingerprint Segmentation
  23. Audio-Visual Speech Inpainting with Deep Learning
  24. WLAN Throughput Prediction Using Deep Learning with Throughput, RSS, and COR
  25. Pattern Recognition of UHF Partial Discharge Signals in GIS Based on Deep Learning
  26. Embedding a priori information in inverse scattering problems using deep learning
  27. Cyber Security Threats and Their Solutions Through Deep Learning: A Bibliometric Analysis
  28. Advance Deep Learning Technique for Big Data Classification in IDS Environment
  29. Convergence of Photovoltaic Power Forecasting and Deep Learning: State-of-Art Review
  30. Modulation Classification of MQAM Signals Based on Gradient Color Constellation and Deep Learning
  31. Application of Improved Deep Learning Algorithm in Modern Education Data Analysis System
  32. Image Feature Understanding and Semantic Representation Based on Deep Learning
  33. Classification of Exacerbation Frequency in the COPDGene Cohort Using Deep Learning with Deep Belief Networks
  34. Deep Learning Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Lane Changing Behavior Recognition
  35. A Deep Learning based Detector for FSO System Considering Imperfect CSI Scenario
  36. Noise Reduction of Partial Discharge in Power Cable Insulation Based on Deep Learning
  37. Extraction of impervious surface from high-resolution remote sensing image based on deep learning
  38. Comparison Between Deep Learning and Parametric Methods in Target Imaging from Narrowband Radar Data
  39. Deep Learning-Based Joint Detector for Cooperative Communication
  40. A Deep Learning Based Approach to Synthesize Intelligible Speech with Limited Temporal Envelope Information
  41. MILP: A Memory Improved LSTM Prediction Algorithm for Gradient Transmission Time in Distributed Deep Learning
  42. Technique for Forecasting Future Market Movement Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms
  43. Software Defect Prediction based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  44. A Deep Insight into Deep Learning Architectures, Algorithms and Applications
  45. Deep Learning Based Passive Beamforming for IRS-Assisted Monostatic Backscatter Systems
  46. DDLBench: Towards a Scalable Benchmarking Infrastructure for Distributed Deep Learning
  47. An Optimal Transport Analysis on Generalization in Deep Learning
  48. MAX- MIN Power Control of Cell Free Massive MIMO System employing Deep Learning
  49. Research on intelligent diagnosis and recognition technology of GIS partial discharge data atlas based on deep learning
  50. A Study on Digital Pathology Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning Methods

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