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Prepare to be fascinated as we research into a domain where technology meet your creativity and innovation by our leading developers. Let us explore concepts of Image Processing Projects in the field of AI. PhD / MS Projects based on image processing will be assisted by our research team, we train our scholars to gain experience by using popular programming libraries, we help scholars to understand key image processing techniques and develop a solid foundation for their AI projects.

Here’s a list of project ideas that influence AI projects for image processing:

Computer Vision

  1. Object Detection: A system is developed by our experts to identify and locate objects in images or real-time video feeds.
  2. Facial Recognition: An AI-powered facial recognition system is created for safety or modified user experience.
  3. Gesture Recognition: To interpret human gestures from images or video we design an algorithm.

Medical Imaging

  1. Tumour Detection: In MRI scans or x-rays we use AI to detect and segment tumours.
  2. Bone Fracture Identification: To classify bone fractures in X-ray images we develop and tarin a model.
  3. Retinal Disease Classification: Retinal diseases that is based on eye imaging data can be classified.

Automotive & Transportation

  1. License Plate Recognition: An AI system will be implemented to automatically reads license plates from video feeds.
  2. Traffic Sign Recognition: A model will be framed to identify and classify road signs in real-time, useful in automated driving.

Natural World

  1. Animal Species Identification: We must frame a model to recognize and classify animals in wildlife images.
  2. Plant Disease Recognition: To identify diseases affecting plants based on images of their leaves we make use of AI.

Security and Surveillance

  1. Motion Detection: A motion detection system will be executed that activates alerts for unusual activity.
  2. Anomaly Detection: To detect anomalies in surveillance footage, as unauthorized access or theft.

Commerce and Retail

  1. Fashion Recommendation: A system will be constructed that recommends fashion outfits which is based on photo of the user.
  2. Product Identification: An AI tool is created to identify products in a shopping cart for automated checkout.


  1. Optical Character Recognition for the Visually Impaired: To read and interpret written text for those with visual impairments we implement a system.
  2. Sign Language Recognition: A model that can understand sign language from video input will be accomplished.


  1. Image Colorization: To colorize black and white images automatically experts will develop a model.
  2. Super-Resolution: To enhance the resolution of images here we implement an algorithm.

The application of image processing in project development has gained important momentum across different industries. The above mentioned are just some of the few samples we can specialize or generalize these ideas depending on your areas of interest.matlabsimulation.com is your ultimate starting place for Artificial intelligence image processing projects. Global support will be given, our major speciality is on time delivery by using leading experts.

Artificial Intelligence Image Processing Ideas

AI Research Topics In Image Processing

Our team of professionals helps you to choose the correct AI topics and also explain any queries regarding your final year artificial intelligence projects and algorithms. Thesis topics ideas will be shared while further support will be given.

  1. Screw defect detection system based on AI image recognition technology
  2. Addition of image processing techniques to our AI Classifier in order to investigate the Quality of utensils by Composition Analysis
  3. Detecting Sensitive Information from Images of Vehicle Fire Scene using AI Technology
  4. AI-Based Image Processing for Photoresist Latent Image Enhancement: AM: Advanced Metrology
  5. AI Art Critic: Artistic Classification of Poster Images using Neural Networks
  6. Foreign Object Detection and Classification using AI and ML for Radio Images
  7. An AI Based Automatic Translator for Ancient Hieroglyphic Language—From Scanned Images to English Text
  8. Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Medical Image Analysis: State of the Art and Prospects
  9. Systematic Literature Review on Application of Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Detection Using Image Processing
  10. Review of Artificial Intelligence methods for detecting cancer in medical image processing
  11. Plant Species Image Recognition using Artificial Intelligence on Jetson Nano Computational Platform
  12. Artificial Intelligence Based Model for Covid-19 Detection by Analyzing X-Ray Images: Researches, challenges and Future Directions
  13. Smart Parking System Using Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence
  14. Hybrid GMDH-type neural network using artificial intelligence and its application to medical image diagnosis of liver cancer
  15. Design of Artificial Intelligence Detection Algorithm for Image Feature Forensics Based on BPNN
  16. The Cross-cultural Communication of Qiqihar’s Tourist City Image from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence
  17. Detection of Lung Lesions in Chest X-ray Images based on Artificial Intelligence
  18. Digital and Intelligent Image Processing by Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Technology in Sports Fitness Detection
  19. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Enabled Smart Healthcare System for Monitoring and Detection of COVID-19 in Biomedical Images
  20. A CMOS Image Sensor and an AI Accelerator for Realizing Edge-Computing-Based Surveillance Camera Systems

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