Latest Research in MATLAB provides you innovative and recent research areas in Matlab. Matlab is one of the best tools used for research purpose due to high graphical functionalities and advanced features. Its advanced mathematical features make it applicable for numerous applications. We are working with Matlab for the past 10 years and nearly developed 1000+ projects. Our expertise and experience can help you to explore the field of research, which will enable you to reach the pinnacle of success.

Latest Research in Matlab

  • Emotion Recognition and 3D face recognition using DIP
  • Activity Recognition and Behavioral recognition using Matlab
  • Activity Logging and Remote human presence detection system
  • Heart Rate Monitoring based on face expressions and texture characteristics
  • Human energy generation and electrical signal measurement system
  • Embedding Information in digital images
  • Electrocardiogram Amplifier design using electronic parts
  • Mobile health care delivery system
  • Remote surgical Robotics
  • Signal and data processing through satellite communication


        These are the few recent areas, where many scholars and students are working. To get more idea about it, let’s have a glance over the topics based on Latest research in Matlab.


  • An efficient performance of Electrooptic effect in freely suspended ferroelectric liquid crystal film and its application to a field measurement
  • A new process of Towards automatic discovery and reuse of subroutines in Variable Size Genetic Network Programming
  • A new mechanism for a Suspended Bridge Configuration used to Nanoscale Calorimetry
  • A new technology for Hybrid Mode in Traveling-Wave Tube With Partially Plasma-Loaded Helix and Hollow Electron Beam
  • An efficient method Bound Projected Optimal Gradient Method used to  Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data based on GBM
  • A new performance of Hybrid Semi numerical Simulation Scheme to Predict Transducer Outputs of Acoustic Microscopes
  • The performance of Frequency Estimation based on a  New and Accurate Estimator With Analytical Expression
  • An efficient approach for a Direct Thrust Control Scheme for Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Online Duty Ratio Control
  • A new technique for Sensitivity-Enhanced Photonic Crystal Fiber Refractive Index Sensor With Two Waist-Broadened Tapers
  • A novel technology for Fast Fixed-time Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control and its Application to Chaos Suppression in Power System
  • The performance of Image Annotation by using Multi-Label Dictionary Learning approach
  • A new mechanism for the Measurement of direct current and high frequency electrical characteristics for Through-Silicon-Via
  • The efficient process of image Restoration Using Gradient Iteration and Constraints for Band Extrapolation
  • The performance of Predict Transducer Outputs of Acoustic Microscopes by using Hybrid Semi numerical Simulation Scheme
  • A new mechanism for Energy Efficiency and Spectral Efficiency Trade off for Asymmetric Two-Way AF Relaying With Statistical CSI
  • The process of spin-transfer torque effects used to a  methodology to design spin wave based logic gates in a single ferromagnetic nanostripe
  • An efficient performance of Soil Parameter Retrievals Over Bare Agricultural Fields based on Multiangular RADARSAT-2 Dataset
  • A novel technique for a Low-Power, High CMRR Neural Amplifier System Employing CMOS Inverter-Based OTAs With CMFB Through Supply Rails
  • An efficient approach to design spin wave based logic gates in a single ferromagnetic nanostripe using spin-transfer torque effects
  • The efficient performance of a Resource-Aware Crowd sourcing Approach for Image Sensing with Smart phones