Video Processing Projects Using Matlab is a recent area of interest by many research scholars and students. Video processing deals with domains like Image processing and signal processing which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Video processing is a base for every video based application like entertainment media, entertainment sites, online video tutorial etc. Video processing projects are interesting and attract many students due to its wide usage. Our developers have worked on 1000+ video processing applications which have made them an expert in this field. Our developers focus on latest tools and algorithms, which can be implemented for the enhancement of video applications to make it an innovative approach. Students who wish to take up a project using video processing can approach us anytime.


     Video Processing Projects Using Matlab is a vast area due to its research scope, which offers wide collection of ideas for students taking their academic projects. Video processing can be best implemented using Matlab due to it’s in built toolbox support and advanced functionalities. To take up a project in video processing, students should know about its basics, which will give them a clear idea. Here, we have provided few basics about video processing for students to know about it in-depth, which will help them to take up a better research proposal.

Basic Video processing:

  • Video dataset collection(2D or 3D)
  • Conversion of Videos into frames
  • Processing based on background and foreground subtraction process
  • Enhancement process using various algorithms and Video filters
  • Convert back to complete video

Toolbox support:

Matlab supports video processing applications using Video processing toolbox which provides features like:

  • Feature detection and extraction process
  • Motion Estimation and object tracking
  • Support for object detection, recognition, bag of features and background estimation.
  • Stereo vision and camera calibration
  • Multi View geometry support
  • Analysis and enhancement using techniques like contrast enhancement, Hough transforms, noise removal etc
  • 3D point cloud processing and support for OCR language , OpenCV interface and C code generation.

Video processing tools:

  • FFMpeg
  • MPlayer
  • AviSynth
  • MP4Box
  • MKVToolnix
  • OpenCV

Video processing algorithms and techniques:

  • Video Compression : Fuzzy C-means with Vector Quantization , DCT, Huffman coding
  • Background Subtraction: Running Gaussian average, Mixture of Guassians, Multi-SVM, Eigen Backgrounds and kernel density Estimation.
  • Video Steganography : Bit exchange method, Hash based Least Significant bit technique, Least significant Bit +3.
  • Video Retrieval: Feature extraction algorithms, Key frame selection algorithms, Retrieval algorithms.
  • Video Surveillance system: Motion Estimation and detection algorithms.

Video processing based applications:

  • Moving Object tracking
  • Video coding in Grid Environment
  • Adaptive video concealment for Neural networks
  • Audio video capturing for Robotic control
  • Video stabilization etc


       We have provided few sample applications, toolbox, algorithms, tools and basics of video processing for students to get an idea about Video processing projects. Students can contact us anytime regarding any queries in their projects, we are ready to help you in all round way as a part of our guidance.