Thesis on Face Recognition Pdf provides you compact research guidance on how to take a novel and newfangled approach for your thesis. Face recognition is a hot and recent topic among the scholars due to its great impact on our society. From the ATM to our home automation systems, face recognition is the base module/security module for every application. This all makes this field flourishing and evergreen area for research. We have 100+ employees who have served students from various countries through their online guidance. We have conducted numerous workshops and trainings for faculties in all latest technologies to guide them better for their research proposals. In short, we can say that we stand as world no.1 institute for providing research guidance and support.


      Thesis on Face Recognition Pdf can give you thousands of research ideas, which will make your research dream as your present reality. We have started our service as a research guidance concern for scholars, who have no idea about their research proposals. To take a thesis on Face recognition, we need to take up a complete research proposal which have an innovative idea. Nowadays, Major face recognition research works are done based on the algorithms used in it. Let’s have a glance over it, for students to get a better idea for their research work.

  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Latent Discriminant Analysis
  • Independent Component analysis
  • Evolutionary genetic pursuit algorithm
  • Support vector machine
  • Hidden Markov Model and Active appearance model
  • Elastic Bunch Graph Matching
  • Eigen space based adaptive approach

Feature extraction techniques in Computer vision using:

  • Local feature extraction using BRISK, SURF and FREAK descriptors
  • Distance measurement using facial landmarks like eyes, nose , lips
  • Histogram support of oriented gradients

Machine learning approach for face recognition:

  • SVM and decision trees(Supervised learning techniques)
  • Deep Neural networks
  • Collective learning methods


  • Simulated annealing and surface Interpenetration measure for 3D face recognition.
  • Age estimation and synthesis using face datasets
  • Cost Receptive face recognition
  • Dynamic and compositional model for face aging
  • 3D face reconstruction using single reference face shape
  • Testing for face localization and detection
  • Delineation and detailed detection of faces and facial features
  • Face recognition using linear regression
  • Iso- geodesic stripes for 3D face recognition
  • Age invariant analysis for face recognition
  • Recognition of facial actions and temporal models using dynamic texture based approach
  • Local shape difference boosting for 3D face recognition etc


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