Matlab Student Projects offers you a collection of ground-breaking Matlab projects. Whenever you start your work think it is a last day and try your level best to prove yourself. Your project can only give you, your identity in this world of competition. So know the worth of your project and work accordingly. Taking a static topic will not give you what you want; topics must be mined with the help of top experts and proficient developers, which will have great research value. We have renowned experts and multi talented developers with us, who can be your perfect hands for guidance and support. If you want to feel your worth, don’t waste your time, its right time to approach us.


     Matlab Student Projects is a service started by us for the budding students and scholars who aids for helping hands. Matlab projects can be done in any one of the following domains:

  • DSP systems
  • Medical Image processing
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • LTE networks
  • Advanced Robotics and Machine vision
  • Artificial Intelligence(Expert systems, Neural networks)
  • Control systems
  • Communication systems
  • Satellite Image processing
  • Internet of things
  • Integrating with other domains like cloud computing, Big data, Data mining, hadoop etc.
  • Embedded applications

 Here, we have taken one (Medical Image processing) among the above mentioned domains and explained how to take a Matlab project in that particular domain. We provide support for all major domains and concepts, which you wish to take.

Medical Images:

  • DICOM image support
  • Support for 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D datasets
  • CT images
  • MRI brain images
  • Images from Mammograms and thermagrams
  • X-ray images of heart
  • Bone fracture images
  • Non body parts
  • Retinal images
  • PET and PET-CT
  • Image properties like T1 , T2 and PD images(White matter, grey mater and CSV)

Imaging Techniques and tools:

Imaging Techniques:

  • Magnetic Resonance imaging
  • Ultrasound
  • Tactile imaging
  • Medical photography and nuclear medicine
  • Positron emission tomography
  • Single photon emission computed tomography
  • Medical X-ray imaging
  • Indo cyanine green imaging
  • 4D ultrasound imaging
  • 5D imaging( for Dynamic cardiac CT scan, gated cardiac MRI, LV regional abnormality detection, LV segmentation on MRI )

Imaging Tools:

  • AFNI
  • MRIcro
  • MrGray
  • SPM
  • MGH
  • Surefit

 Applications of Medical Image processing:

  • Brain Tissue Classification or Segmentation
  • Tumor imaging and diagnosis
  • Brain multiple sclerosis or Segmentation
  • Conversion of 2D brain to 3D brain
  • Kidney stone detection
  • Knee and bone Segmentation
  • Bone strength and osteoporosis
  • Heart vehicle Segmentation
  • Lung Nodule Segmentation
  • Computer aided diagnosis using mammography
  • Angiography and tortuosity

Research topics in Medical image processing:

  • An efficient method for Analysis of Multivariate Data  based on Temporal MDS Plots
  • An effective Association analysis approach for Visual Exploration of Multivariate Scientific Data Sets
  • A new clustering algorithm for Cluster Analysis of Vortical Flow in Simulations of Cerebral Aneurysm Hemodynamics
  • A novel technology for Validation of SplitVectors Encoding for Quantitative Visualization of Large-Magnitude-Range Vector Fields
  • An efficient process for Boundary Improvement of Euler Diagrams by using   Simple Approach
  • A new performance of Robustness and Discussion  for Critical Point Cancellation
  • An efficient process  Steering Scatterplot Axes via Observation-Level Interaction based on InterAxis