Matlab Simulink Projects offer you wide collection of innovative and newfangled ideas for your Matlab simulation projects.   Matlab Simulink provides support for Multidomain simulation and Model based design. It provides customizable block libraries, graphical editor, and solver for simulating and modeling dynamic systems. It is interfaced with Matlab to incorporate Matlab algorithms into model and export the results into Matlab for further analysis. It also provides support for external interfacing with hardware components. It is most widely used as an industrial tool for developing complex embedded systems. Today, Majority of scholars prefer Matlab Simulink projects due to the customized GUI support and block diagram environment provided by Simulink. We have developed 1000+ projects in Matlab for students from all over the world.  We are well renowned for our expertise and knowledge. Our experts are well certified and experienced to support you with every aspect of your project. To aid our expert’s service, approach us anytime through our online service. Now, let’s have a glance over the key features of Matlab Simulink along with its major research areas/domains and topics.


Key features of Matlab Simulink:

  • Graphical editor for managing and building hierarchical block diagrams
  • Simulation engine with variable and fixed step ODE Solvers
  • Supports project and data management tools for managing model data and files
  • Provides support for MATLAB function block for importing MATLAB algorithms into Models
  • Provides scopes and data display for the visualization of Simulation result
  • Support libraries of predefined blocks for modeling discrete and continuous time systems
  • Model analysis tools for increasing simulation speed and refining model architecture
  • Support for legacy code tool for importing C/C++ code into the models


  • SimEvent[Used to simulate discrete event systems]
  • SimRF[Used to design RF system]
  • Simscape[Simscape Multibody, Simscape Driveline, Simscape electronics, Simscape fluids, Simscape power systems]
  • Simulink Control design and design optimization
  • Simulink Coder and Simulink PLC Coder for Code generation
  • Simulink Real time[For real time simulation]
  • Simulink Design verifier
  • Simulink Code Inspector
  • Simulink 3D Animation

Using the above mentioned toolbox, Simulink can be used for the implementation of projects in the following domains:


  • Motor/Generator used:

                          -DC Motors[DCM]

                         -Induction Motors[IM]

                         -Switching Reluctance Motors[SRM]

                         -Permanent Magnet synchronous Motors[PMSM]

  • Topologies [DC-DC Converter]
  • Devices[MOSFET transistors and IGBT transistors]
  • Techniques Used[Neuro fuzzy, variable voltage and variable frequency, field oriented control]
  • Energy storage[Ultra capacitor, battery and fuel cell]


Designed using the following components:

  • Boost converter
  • Photovoltaic Array
  • DC-Link
  • Grid design
  • Inverter and harmonic filters


Solar Energy storage system:

  • Electrolyzer Model
  • Photovoltaic Array
  • Hydrogen storage Model

Wind Energy Storage system:

  • Mechanical two mass model
  • Pitch controller
  • Aerodynamic model for Rotor
  • Grid side inverter
  • Inductive generator
  • Unit transformer
  • Rotor side converter


  • Power Electronics
  • Automotive Systems
  • Aerospace Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Wireless Sensor Network


    You may now get an idea about Matlab based Simulink projects. You can use any of the above mentioned domain/area for your project. We will offer you complete support for your project from topic selection to its final implementation. Our experts will mine best and novel idea for your project to make your project a ground breaking research. Now let’s have a glance over few latest research topics in Matlab-Simulink for scholars to get a clear idea about their project.


  • Designing of Anfis network for Wide area power system protection and monitoring using Matlab Simulink
  • Comparative study between Roger’s methods and dorneneburg method based on dissolved gas analysis for transformer fault diagnosis.
  • Simulation and Modeling of DSTATCOM for power quality enhancement in distributed system
  • FPGA implementation of Beamforming Receiver using NC-LMS and MRC for DS-CDMA system
  • Using DSPACE hardware, modeling and validation of MPPT technique of small wind PMSG turbines.
  • Simulation and Modeling of oscillatory flow phenomena in vertical condensing flow inside a tube application
  • Lateral dynamic control and modeling of single wheel robot based on airflow fly wheel application
  • Three phase inverter with output LC filter for UPS applications using predictive control
  • Using OpenGL and Simulink for the simulation of RC helicopter based on dynamics of quaternion
  • Design, simulation and analysis of linear controller of STATCOM for reactive power compensation for the variation of DC link voltage.
  • Fault analysis method for Microgrids application consist of Inverter interfaced distributed generators


         We do not confine our service with this list of static topic. We expect our scholars to come up with innovative ideas and concepts as we feel that every student have a potential to innovate something new. The only problem is there is no proper guidance to show them the right path of success. We, with our experts have come up as a guiding hand for students to make their project to speak about their potential. To aid our guidance, approach us anytime as we are now available through online at 24/7.




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