matlab simulation in Mississippi

Matlab simulation in Mississippi:

Matlab simulation in Mississippi We conclude our performance evaluation with a brief discussion regarding the complexity of the proposed compression method. Compared with VOI coding the proposed method presents a higher complexitymatlab simulation in Mississippi at the encoder side due mainly to the bit-stream reordering procedure.

This augmented complexity is a consequence of the calculation of the code-cube weights and the layer optimization technique, which needs tomatlab simulation in Mississippi be performed each time a VOI is to be decoded. It is important to remember that, in the proposed method, the entropy coding process needs to be performed only once for a medical image,

since the decoding of a VOI simply requires the reordering of the compressed bit-stream. As mentioned earlier, the calculation of the code-cube weights for a requested VOI simply requires the recomputation of two values for each code-cube. Moreover, matlab simulation in Mississippithe MSE required during the layer optimization technique is easily calculated from the information about the code-cube contributions into each quality layer, which is stored as header information during the coding process.

At the decoder side, the complexity of the proposed method is very similar of that of the method, since there is no need for the decoder to reorder the bit-stream matlab simulation in Mississippiprior to decoding. Compared to the GSB method, the decoding complexity of the proposed method is lower, since the GSB method requires the generation of a VOI mask prior to decoding.