Matlab Projects for M.Tech Students an initiative started with the effort of top experts of the world for the benefit of budding students. Major problem of students face when they take up their project is that they just want to take one static topic out of thousand topics provided. Project decides your academic life and career, how can we give so less importance to such a significant factor. This is the reason, we provide best and novel concepts to our students, which is the outcome of knowledge mined from our experts. Our experts are members in 500+ journals which makes them updated with all the latest and recent concepts in Matlab. Using their immeasurable knowledge and immense updation, you can get the best project, which will uplift your career and grades.

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     Matlab Projects for M.Tech Students gives you innovative and newfangled ideas for doing a ground breaking research. Final year project for student means lot to them due to its significance. It is simply a decisive factor for students pursuing their Post graduation. We know the value of your project, which is the reason why we have started our service to help you to come out with innovative ideas to enhance your grades and uplift your career. We have provided below, few recent research areas in the major domains of Matlab, which will give you an idea for your Matlab project.

Research areas in Image processing:

  • Morphological image processing
  • Color and pseudo color image processing
  • Voice activation , Text to speech, image to speech and ASL to speech
  • 3D face and emotion recognition
  • Heart rate monitoring using face expression and texture profiling
  • Remote human presence detection and activity logging
  • Behavioral and activity recognition
  • Brain controller
  • Motion and heat sensors
  • 2D to 3D translation of painting for visually impaired people

Research areas in Digital signal processing:

  • Head related transfer function
  • Integrated affective sensing
  • Deconvolution of space time Radar spectra
  • Integrated EMG/Eye gaze tracking for computer cursor control
  • Compressive sensing
  • Spatio temporal ECoG Analysis for Epileptic focus localization
  • Image fusion of several imaging sensor
  • Image denoising and watermarking
  • Satellite and space communication
  • Image and video communication
  • Working with algorithms like Forrier, Walse, Hartley etc

Research areas in Communication systems:

  • Work on recent technologies like Massive MIMO, Cooperative communications, Multiuser MIMO, dense user deployed small cells etc.
  • Smart Grid
  • Spectrum sensing in TV-White space
  • LTE and LTE advanced
  • Dynamic channel allocation
  • Software defined radio and cognitive radio
  • Reliable communication in unlicensed bands
  • Aeronautical communication
  • Underwater acoustic communication
  • HF radio communication
  • Vehicular communication(V2V, V2I)
  • In VIVO communication

Recent research areas in Artificial Networks:

  • Experts system
  • Neural networks
  • Natural Language processing
  • Robotics
  • Fuzzy logic systems

Recent research areas in Power electronics:

  • Power electronic converters in hybrid renewable energy systems
  • Grid connected converters
  • Hybrid electric vehicle
  • SMPS and smart grids
  • Topologies for harmonic reduction
  • Wind energy conversion systems
  • Grid connected hybrid wind, PV, cell generation systems

Recent research areas in Medical Image processing:

  • Texture analysis methods
  • Visual parameter optimization
  • Biomedical image processing for epilepsy
  • Mammographic segmentation and density classification
  • Work on Lung cancer, brain tumor, breast cancer, Knee joint problem, liver cancer etc
  • Automated identification of hard exudates and cotton wool spots.

If you need more ideas and innovative concepts, approach us anytime. We have provided few topics for Matlab projects, which can help you to further explore the field:

  • A novel technology on Image Forensics for Illuminant-Based Transformed Spaces
  • A secure approach on Imperfect and Perfect Secrecy in Compound Multiple Access Channel With Confidential Message
  • Performance of Deterministic Approach to Detect Median Filtering in 1D Data
  • A novel approach on the Security of Key Extraction from Measuring Physical Quantities