Matlab Final Year Projects offers you a wide collection of innovative ideas and project concepts for the accomplishment of your final year project. Usually, final year students opt Matlab for their academic projects due to its advanced functionality and graphical feature. We are working in this field for the past 10 years, which has made us experienced and proficient. Your project decides your career, which is the reason why we emphasize on the research value of your project. In this world of competition, if you follow others blindly, you will reach nowhere. To stand out as ‘one’ among many, you need to take a step forward and approach us to make your life worthy.


      Matlab Final Year Projects brings you wide collections of Matlab projects which can enhance your academic grades. There are plenty of domains, which can be implemented using Matlab but students mostly prefer Image processing domain due to its emerging need. Medical image processing applications has wide impact in the field of research. Many scholars and students opt Image processing projects in Matlab to perform a ground breaking research. For this reason, we have provided complete information about Image processing algorithms, concepts and applications for the students to get a clear idea.

 In general, every Image passes through three levels in an Image processing application i.e.

  • Low Level – Reduce Noise, Contrast Enhancement, Image Sharpening
  • Mid Level – Segmentation, Partitioning and Classification
  • High Level – Image Analysis with cognitive functions

This is the basis of Image processing application. Another major aspect of Image processing project is the algorithm used in it.

Major steps along with Algorithms:

  • Pre-Processing – Discrete Wavelet Transformation, Linear Filtering
  • Edge Enhancement – Fuzzy Based Threshold Technique
  • Edge Detection – Canny Edge Detector, Prewitt, Sobel Operator
  • Morphological methods-Boundary extraction, Convex hull, thinning, pruning, skeletons, filters etc
  • Segmentation – Fuzzy C- Means, K-Means, Region Growing, Expectation maximization
  • Feature Extraction – Gray level Co-Occurrence Matrix, Statistical Modeling, Deep Learning
  • Feature Selection – Principal Component Analysis, Independent Component Analysis
  • Classification – Support Vector Machine, Neural Networks, Bayesian Network, Naïve Bayes

Major Application of Image processing:

  • Automatic Indian currency identification
  • Text detection (optical character recognition)
  • Scene text detection
  • Automatic e-billing system
  • Image forgery detection
  • Shadow detection
  • Gaze analysis
  • 3D Image processing
  • Defense application
  • Astronomical applications
  • Medical applications
  • Security concepts

Recent Research topics in Image processing:

  • A new energy efficient approach to perform the Minimum-energy driving speed profiles for low-speed electric vehicles
  • A new analysis mechanism for the Two-Dimensional Wavelet Analysis of Supra orbital Margins of the Human Skull for Characterizing Sexual Dimorphism
  • Perform the efficient  Monitoring in Different Sleeping Positions by using Non-Contact Vision-Based Cardiopulmonary Monitoring
  • The efficient performance of spin-transfer torque effects used to a methodology to design spin wave based logic gates in a single ferromagnetic nano stripe
  • An efficient mechanism for  eye movement tracking type head mounted display for virtual reality system
  • A new technology for a scintillating fiber tracker with high time resolution for high-rate experiments
  • The efficient performance of the Solitaire algorithm used to  Improving the pseudo-randomness of the pen-and-paper cipher