Matlab Electrical Projects offers you a complete guidance for your final year projects, assignments and research work. Our Matlab Electrical Projects have innovation as it’s as innovation runs in the blood of our experts and dedicated professionals.  We work with most renowned experts and developers from all over the world to equip our students with most advanced concepts. Matlab is a marvelous platform, preferred by most of the researchers and developers due to its mathematical and computing ability. Matlab have in built support for all the electrical components and functions. Students can take simulation projects or embedded projects using Matlab as it offers support for both kinds of project. Approach us; you will know the power of our exploration, which will augment your creative and innovative mind.

Matlab Electrical Project Ideas:

  • Palm print identification
  • Image diffusion using Digital filter
  • Impulse Noise filter
  • Code shift keying Impulse Modulation
  • Fingerprint identification
  • Image and voice recognition
  • Face recognition using Principal component analysis
  • Antenna designing using CDMA
  • Speaker recognition system in Noise prone environment
  • Modeling of 3-phase power system
  • Working with Motion detection algorithm
  • Iris recognition system
  • Online signature verification system
  • Encoding of Stereoscopic Images
  • Text independent speaker verification system
  • Implementation of Seismographic systems
  • Bit rate analysis of OSTBC transmission system
  • Ultrasound speckle image processing
  • Enhancing performance of Touch less finger print recognition system

Matlab based Electrical project topics:

  • The new process of the Thermal Network Model for HTS Cable Systems and Components Cooled by Helium Gas
  • A new technique for the Modeling Inductive Switching Characteristics of High Speed Buffer Layer IGBT
  • A novel technology for the Near-Ultrasonic Wireless Orthogonal Frequency Division MULTIPLEXING MODEM DESIGN
  • An efficient process of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing in AWGN Channels
  • A new method for the performance of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Over Multi path Fading Channels
  • An efficient mechanism for Low Pass Filter and Band Pass Filter Design
  • An efficient approach for Quadrature Multiplexing and Frequency Division Multiplexing
  • A new technique for Voltage-Controlled Oscillator and Frequency Modulation
  • A novel technology for the performance of traditional and Z-source converter under variable fuel-flow-rate of PEMFC


        Above, we have provided few interesting project ideas and topics in Matlab for EEE students, which will give an insight about Matlab projects.  You can approach our experts through online, for more advanced and ground-breaking ideas. We are always there for you, with our dedicated professionals and versatile developers working for you at 24/7.