Final year projects based on Matlab will enhance your academic grades due to its high productivity and increasing research scope. We are working on Matlab projects for the past 10 years with our multi-talented developers and versatile experts.  We work for students from various departments i.e. Computer science, Information technology, Electronics and communication systems, Electrical and electronics. Up to now, we have developed 1000+ projects in Matlab for students from various countries.  Our standard and expertise makes us world no. 1 institute today.  Students can approach us any time regarding any doubts in their project as we are available for you (24/7).


    Final Year Projects Based on Matlab is preferred by many students and scholars due to the advanced features and graphical support in Matlab. Students can take their final year projects in the domains like Medical Imaging, Audio processing, Geosciences and remote sensing, Machine learning, Pattern analysis, Wireless communication, Visual communication, Image mining, signal processing etc. To give a clear idea to students for their final year projects, we have provided few recent concepts developed in Matlab along with the algorithm used in it.

  • Iris sclera Identification- Learning vector Quantization
  • Indian currency Identification- Probabilistic Neural Networks
  • Fruit disease recognition- Combination of Machine learning algorithms
  • Breast cancer detection- LESH Technique
  • License plate detection- Genetic with Neural network
  • Skull Identification- Craniofacial Reconstruction
  • Food segmentation- Multiple hypothesis segmentation
  • Image denoising applications- Higher order singular value decomposition
  • Speech Recognition- Modified hidden Markov Model
  • Brain MS Segmentation – Spatially constrained Possibilistic fuzzy C-Means


      These are the few recent research concepts, which will give you an insight about final year Matlab projects. In an effort to further explore the projects in Matlab, we have provided the following few important topics:


Recent Research Topics in Final Year Projects Based On Matlab:

  • An efficient method random walks with dynamic shape constraint  to cardiac image segmentation
  • An efficient technique Auto-correlation of Local Structure  for Image Registration
  • A novel technique for  Automatic Segmentation of High-Frequency Ultrasound Images of the Mouse Embryo using Nested Graph Cut
  • A new method Learning-Based Multi-Label Segmentation of Trans-rectal Ultrasound Images for Prostate Brachytherapy
  • A new approach to perform  Control Cloud Data Access Privilege and Anonymity by using  Fully Anonymous Attribute-Based Encryption
  • An efficient approach for Investigating the security and digital forensics of video games and gaming systems based on  PC games and PS4 console
  • A novel approach to perform Securing Management And Managing Security.
  • A novel approach to Identifying the Influential Members of a Criminal Organization  by using a forensic investigation tool – SIIMCO
  • An efficient approach for Exploring the Usefulness of Light Field Cameras for Bio-metrics based on Face and Iris Recognition
  • A new technique to Detect Attacks in SCADA Systems  by using an efficient   Data-Driven Clustering Technique
  • An efficient approach for Multiple Parenting Phylogeny Relationships based on  Digital Images
  • An efficient interference to improves PHY Security for CRN – Cognitive Radio Networks
  • A new novel approach for retrieve the Private Cell from Data Warehouses
  • A novel method for Robust Image Hashing With Ring Partition and Invariant Vector Distance
  • An efficient approach to Embed Fuzziness in Bio metric-Based Encryption  by using Distance-Based Encryption