Electrical Matlab Projects offers a new hope for researchers, who have long way to go. Life is unpredictable journey where you need external aid at each step of your journey. The external aid which you select should be perfect as it decides the entire success of you career. We are ISO certified institute with more than 100+ top experts and developers. We have dedicated electrical engineers working with us to serve the students from all over the world. Students may have lot of pressure and stress due to their academic tension as Electrical engineering is the most difficult discipline in engineering. You can now become hassle free as we have come with our wonderful solution. Our support for you is like an ocean which will never vanish due to its abundant resource. We will be there for you always and forever.


    Electrical Matlab Projects offers you broad ideas for your final year projects, assignments and research work. Matlab is one of the powerful tools for the development of Electrical projects due to its advanced mathematical and graphical functionalities. We have mentioned below, few major toolboxes available in Matlab, which will be useful while developing your project.

Toolbox Support in Matlab:

  • Control System Toolbox
  • Neural network toolbox
  • Robust control toolbox
  • Model based calibration toolbox
  • Model predictive Control toolbox
  • System Identification Toolbox
  • Robotics system toolbox
  • Signal processing Toolbox
  • Aerospace Toolbox
  • RF Toolbox
  • Wavelet Toolbox
  • Audio system toolbox
  • Communication system toolbox
  • DSP system toolbox
  • Phased Array system toolbox
  • Antenna toolbox
  • Computer vision system toolbox


      Using the above mentioned toolboxes, you can develop plenty of projects in Matlab. Now let’ have a glance over few recent research topics in Matlab for EEE students.

  • A novel technique for Data De noising and Compression for Smart Grid Communication
  • The purpose of adaptive-fuzzy logic control to perform Torque estimation of sensor less SRM drive
  • The performance of Congestion management in deregulated electricity market using FACTS & multi-objective optimization
  • The process of Simulation-Based Modeling and Power Management of All-Electric Ships Based on Renewable Energy Generation Using Model Predictive Control Strategy
  • A novel technology for Effect of grid inductance on grid current quality of parallel grid-connected inverter system with output LCL filter and closed-loop control
  • An efficient control approach used for the Assessment of DC servo motor with sliding mode
  • A new technique for a Flywheel Energy Storage System for Fault Ride Through Support of Grid-Connected VSC HVDC-Based Offshore Wind Farms