Digital Image Processing Projects attracts many research scholars and students due to its advanced concepts and research scope. Its interdisciplinary nature makes it more significant in the midst of scholars. There are numerous topics and concepts, which are still unexplored by students due to their limited awareness and guidance. We feel that students should explore to the peak, so that they can get a perfect idea for their research. Every student has the potential to do a ground breaking research, if someone will guide them as per their interest. Taking this motto in our mind, we have started our concern with the top experts from the world and completed 10 successful years. Our success lies in the hand of students as we measure our success in terms of student’s satisfaction, happiness and success.


     Digital Image Processing Projects have well defined scope for research due to its emerging need. Let’s have a glance over the major applications and domains of Image processing.

Medical Image processing applications(Use of advanced technology like cloud computing and virtualization):

  • ECG signal processing using Wavelet transform and inverse transform
  • Cellular automated algorithm for the detection of spots of breast cancer
  • Detection of Age and gender based on MRI Images
  • Tumor and cancer cell detection using MRI images
  • Quantitative coronary analysis using advanced wavelet edge detection and segmentation
  • Embedded 3G Medical Image processing

Biometric authentication based applications:

  • Secure crypto biometric verification protocol for blind authentication
  • Face recognition using PCA and Sub-pattern techniques
  • Biometric web authentication using bio API
  • Finger print, Iris and face based authentication system
  • Biometric authentication using thumb scanner
  • Biometric(face) key for trusted document signing

Image processing for satellite applications:

  • Geo-science satellite Image processing
  • Cloud computing and satellite Imaging
  • Optical, hyperspectral and Microwave Remote sensing
  • Satellite Image analysis and stereo vision
  • Precision farming and Agro informatics based applications
  • Image processing methods for large scale Map Revision

Digital Image processing applications:

  • Space image processing applications
  • Computerized photography applications
  • Biological Image processing applications
  • Character recognition based applications(License plate recognition and zip code)
  • Industrial applications like product inspection and sorting
  • Reconnaissance applications

Graphical applications

  • 3D animation based applications
  • Graphical user interface and computer aided design
  • Presentation graphics


        We have emphasized few major application fields, where image processing plays a vital role. Students can take few ideas from the above mentioned information, which will be helpful for selecting their project titles. We expect students to explore the field and select the topics as per their interest. We are ready to guide you, to reach the highest peak of success in the field of research.

  • A novel approach for FPGA-Based Digital Image Processing by using Recurrently Decomposable 2-D Convolvers
  • A novel technique of of digitalprocessing of medical images
  • A novel approach to ong-time scale and characterization of short-gap leader  in Statistical evaluation of AC corona images
  • An analyzingand detect the defect size in 3D view by using   Nd-Fe-B magnet
  • Adaptive Point-Spread Spherical Wave Synthesis  using Fast Hologram Pattern Generation
  • A novel approach to medical imaging system integration and monitoring  in Security middleware infrastructure
  • A high performance of Software-Defined Radar in Medical Imaging
  • A new 3D Ultrasound Computer Tomography  for High-Speed Medical Imaging
  • A Similarity Computation in Medical Imaging  using Pairwise Latent Semantic Association
  • A new novel approach to network transfer of Streamlined medical imaging
  • A new novel technique for high bit depth medical images using Evaluation of HEVC compression.
  • A new approach for Medical Ultrasound Imaging using  Compressive Deconvolution
  • To perform the Confidence Estimation for Medical Image Registration Based On Stereo Confidences
  • A novel approach to detect the PET Detector Raw Data  using Software-Based Real-Time Acquisition and Processing
  • A novel method  HEVC to Content dependent intra mode selection for medical image compression
  • A novel Automated Bias-Compensation Approach for Pushbroom Sensor Modeling Using Digital Elevation Model
  • A new digital signal processing  using An area and power efficient adder-based stepwise linear interpolation
  • A new approach to the optimization of medical X-ray images .
  • An Efficient  Approach for Discrete Hadamard Transform using  VLSI Architecture
  • A new approach for  Position Shift Identification using  Pulse Pileup Rejection Method
  • A new novel technique to Cable Reduction in Ultrasound Imaging Catheters  using Direct Digital Demultiplexing of Analog TDM Signals
  • A new approach to retrieve the Texture-Free Absolute DEM  From Opposite-Side Multibaseline InSAR Data
  • A efficient Digital Comparator  for the hybrid energy efficiency.
  • Conventional In-Car Sensors  to generate the  Automatic Lane-Level Map with  Low-Cost Solution
  • A new approach for Applications in Digital Pathology in Feature Importance in Nonlinear Embeddings (FINE)